Thursday, October 19th, 2006


The Human Touch Relaxation blog is your source for reflections from Interactive Health (IH) on our products, general massage information, and other topics of interest to our consumers, dealers, and massage chair enthusiasts.  Employees from all areas of IH will contribute to the blog, providing a variety of perspectives on IH news and the industry in general.  We will also feature guest writers from time to time to offer some perspective from outside the hallowed halls of IH.

Our primary goal with this blog is to spread the conversation about Interactive Health and our product line.  We want to continue to get better at listening to and maintaining the dialogue with our customers, and ultimately create products that exceed all your expectations.  Here are the categories of information the blog will feature:

  • Products-Stories about new products, innovations, upgrades
  • Industry-Stories about the therapeutic massage, massage chair, and furniture industries in general
  • International: A section specifically designed for our dealers across the globe
  • Health Care: A section where we will offer information and testimonials from Chiropractors and medical personnel across the country.

Of course, the success of this blog in the long run will be determined by you, the reader.  We hope that you will provide timely and honest feedback as you see fit and, most importantly, we hope you enjoy participating.

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