The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Video Mixing

The below link is a very cool website where you can mix and match scenes from the Human Touch feature video that recently appeared on the Fox 11 TV show ‘Your LA’ in Los Angeles.  You can watch the video in its entirety and even email your friends select segments from the 4 minute feature.  Very interesting website.

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

HT-1650 Award

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the HT-1650 won the prestigious ADI design award this past January at the Las Vegas Market.  Exercepts from the press release are listed below.  The full text of the press release can be found on the ‘news’ section at

Prestige comes easily for Human Touch and the HT-1650 is their best effort to date. “We are truly honored to win this prestigious award. This is a testament to the outstanding Human Touch design team who has created the HT 1650 to be a state-of-the art, technologically advanced massage chair that’s also a great looking product that fits perfectly in today’s modern or traditional living spaces,” states Andrew Cohen, the President of Human Touch.

Fine finish and style combine with industry leading massage performance in the HT-1650. The HT 1650 invites the user with rich, double top-stitched leather upholstery and automatically adjusts itself to the size of each individual’s body. The HT 1650 delivers a deep, full-body massage with a fully retractable foot/calf massager and patented robotic technology. In addition to the manual massage settings, the HT-1650 is fully loaded with 8 automatic programs that deliver the perfect massage to match a variety of dawn to dusk usage occasions of the consumer. The massage programs are driven by the proprietary Acupoint Detection System to ensure a therapeutic and personally tuned massage. All of this world class technology is loaded into a beautiful chair that could be the centerpiece of any living room. The Human Touch HT 1650 is available at leading retailers across the country and retails for $4,795.

The annual A.D.I Awards, produced by Furniture Style magazine and the World Market Center highlight home furnishing achievements in categories including Accent Materials, Home Solutions, Major Collection, Original Design/Creativity and Desert Star. “This competition is unlike other design programs in that it asks its judges to keep the consumers’ needs first and foremost. In the Home Solution category, the HT 1650 offers the end-user a thoughtful design that truly enhances his or her home,” states Julie M. Smith, Editor, Furniture Style.

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Press Release

Interactive Health has officially announced that we will adopt the name of our brand, Human Touch, as the name of the company.  The Press release hit the wire this morning.  The link from Yahoo business is listed below.

Friday, March 09th, 2007

During their annual training in Solvang, California, a special amenity was spotted in a few of the Discovery Channel Cycling Team’s hotel rooms… the Human Touch HT 135! Each night the riders retreated to their rooms at the Royal Scandinavian Inn for a little R&R, compliments of Human Touch. The life-like robotic massage chairs were so popular with the athletes that five cyclists even requested to have the chairs sent to their homes.

Tuesday, March 06th, 2007

iJoy 130 Review

I saw a really great review for our iJoy 130 that I wanted to share.  The reviewer, Shane McGlaun, gave the iJoy 130 what appears to be quite a thorough test and was quite pleased with the results.  He offers some great descriptions of the various massage modes and functions.

We are honored to be awarded with the ‘Review Board Magazine Select Award’.  Please click the below link to read the entire article.