Monday, April 16th, 2007

Besides manufacturing the best massage chairs on the market, Human Touch also has a line of zero-gravity recliners known as the Perfect Chair.

The Human Touch Perfect Chair was personally designed by our Vice President of Design, David Potter.  It perfectly blends contemporary architecture with traditional design.  I recently came across a product review online that I wanted share as I think it captures the essence of the product quite well.

Excerpts from an product review; full link is below.

“I just got my Perfect Chair 4 days ago, and I think the best description for it really is, PERFECT!! I’d been wanting one of these chairs for quite some time since I first saw one in the Better Back Store. Since they are pretty pricey I couldn’t afford to get one for a while. I have major back problems, and have a really hard time finding chairs that are comfortable for me to sit in, but this chair is awesome!! I can sit it in it for fairly long periods, then just get up briefly and go right back to it. It’s called a zero gravity chair, and is based on the designs by NASA. When this chair is fully reclined there is absolutely no weight or pressure felt in my low back! I love it!! I can comfortably sit in a recliner for the 1st time in over 10 yrs.! Maybe too comfortably, I always want to fall asleep after reclining for just a short period! Even with the chair only partially reclined it’s comfortable, but you still feel some weight and pressure in the lumbar area. It’s most comfortable when it’s fully reclined. I got my chair in the electric recline since I had problems bringing the chair back up without straining my back in the manual version. I’m 5’5″ and I’m just a bit too short for my arms to reach the end of the arm rests to get to the release to bring the chair up. I tried it a good number of times in the store and never could get the hang of it, it just gave me a backache. My daughter is 5’9″ and had no problems raising or lowering the manual recliner. It’s an extra $300 for the electric recline upgrade, but I feel it’s well worth it for someone who has back problems to begin with or may be on the short side, so that you don’t strain your back trying to get comfortable, but if you can’t afford the electric, I’m sure that with practice you could handle the manual recline. This chair is a major investment, but I feel that it’s money well spent for others like me who can’t easily find a comfortable chair. Maybe I should let Goldilocks know about these chairs, she’d probably find, as I have, that this chair is just right!”

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