Tuesday, August 07th, 2007

The press release for Human Touch’s new zero-gravity recliner has hit the wire.  The full text of the release can be found below as well.

Revolutionary HT-7450 zero-gravity robotic massage chair positions body for ultimate massage

Long Beach, CA, July 31, 2007– Human Touch™, the number-one distributor of massage chairs in the United States, introduces the zero-gravity HT-7450 robotic massage chair that ergonomically positions the body to take full advantage of the multi-patented human touch Technology® for the ultimate back, calf and foot massage. As the HT-7450 reclines to a horizontal, its back, seat and footrest synchronously move to place the body in a virtually weightless condition – the ideal posture for an effective massage.

In this “neutral posture” – recommended by doctors for relief of stress on the spine caused by gravitational pressures from standing, walking and even sitting – the HT-7450 delivers welcomed relief from soreness, tension and fatigue. This creates optimal conditions for the human touch Massage System™ to provide a deep, therapeutic massage of the neck, back and legs. Beyond reducing pressure on the spine and lower back, zero-gravity recliners like the HT-7450 are proven to help relieve muscle tension and increase circulation.

“After four years of development, we’ve succeeded in creating the most advanced chair of its kind,” says Hans Dehli, Sr. Vice President, R&D/Engineering at human touch. “The combination of zero-gravity and our patented robotic massage technology in the HT-7450 delivers a level of back and overall body wellness that has never been seen – or felt – before. On top of that, we’ve created a chair with a modern, clean look that complements and adds to any home’s décor.”

Inside the HT-7450, an array of state-of-the-art functionality empowers users to easily personalize their experience for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Once the Acupoint Detection locates acupressure points with its electro/optical system, the computerized massage system targets these areas to maximize relief of tension and discomfort. The exclusive Comfort Number option aids users in selecting the appropriate intensity level of massage. In addition users can also easily select from eight massage programs and turn heat on and off with the remote control. An adjustable headrest and retractable foot/calf massager complete the experience.

The HT-7450 is equally beautiful in form and function, delivering attractive wellness and aesthetic qualities. Made with top-grain, corrected, Aniline-dyed leather, its sleek, modern design elevates any home or office environment.

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