Monday, June 09th, 2008

There’s no touch like Human Touch. Incorporating multi-patented, proprietary technologies that expertly replicate the hands and techniques of professional massage therapists, Human Touch chairs feature the latest advances in both massage and back-care technology. The result is a deep, therapeutic, full-body massage that relieves stress and tension and soothes muscles from head to toe.

  • Human Touch has invested millions of dollars developing its products.
  • Spearheaded the Zero-Gravity® technology, which incorporates NASA-inspired technology to counteract back and muscle tension caused by gravity’s adverse effects.
  • Set new industry standards with its Quad-Roller technology, which continues to dominate the massage industry today.
    Human Touch Robotic Massage
  • Patented Robotic Massage™ technology, along with the ergonomic contour, follows the S-curve of the spine and closely replicates the techniques used by massage professionals.
    Human Touch Remote
  • AcuPoint™ Detection system revolutionized the “custom massage” by scanning the entire length of the back to detect problem areas and key pressure points specific to each user.
  • Selected as an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Furniture product category by The Consumer Electronics Association.

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