Monday, August 18th, 2008

We have been busy this summer attending golf tournaments, demonstrating the Human Touch massage chairs to golfers, young and old. We are quite impressed with the increased flexibility that golfers feel after even just one 15 minute session in a massage chair.

In September, we will be showcasing the chairs at the PGA Championship Tour at Willow Creek Country Club, here in Salt Lake City. We went to the Press Conference yesterday, had a fantastic breakfast, and were introduced to the tournament director. Then we went golfing, which, I might add, was quite a humbling experience for me (I think I deserve to get to know Tim Clark, PGA professional and one of my fellow Human Touch Wellness Council members, for some tips to prevent complete and utter humiliation next time!). One of our HT-1650 massage chairs will be in the player’s lounge for their enjoyment during the tournament. We will also be one of 7 vendors at the 18th hole for visitors and players alike to peruse and try these beautiful massage chairs.

We are also working on an endorsement/advertising arrangement with Real Golf Radio, hosted by Brian Taylor and Bob Casper. They broadcast from right here in Utah, and have an estimated audience of 200,000 golfers across the nation and in the armed forces overseas. We are looking forward to this relationship. Bob and Brian are great fellows and are fast becoming great friends to Massage Chair Relief.

Our showroom continues to grow. We boast the largest massage chair showroom in the state of Utah, if not most of the surrounding states as well. Of course, the vast majority of massage chairs in our showroom are Human Touch massage chairs. They outsell the other manufacturers by far, from our experience. We will be introducing the iJoy and Perfect Chair in August to our showroom, bringing our total number of display massage chairs to 13.

Looking forward to an exciting August!!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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