Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

I am here at “The Breakers Hotel and Resort” in elegant Palm Beach, FL, where the annual “Florida Chiropractic Society” meeting is being held. Thirty or so of the more than three hundred chiropractors in attendance have at one time or another worked for me. It is wonderful to see how many of them are using Human Touch Massage Chairs; HT-125′s, 135′s, 136′s and now even the HT-7120′s and HT-7450′s as a therapeutic tool.Axial traction provided by any of the afore mentioned models is as good, and in most cases better, than any roller table on the market today. Furthermore, I don’t know of any roller table that also provides an extension/distraction mode as well.

If you are a practicing chiropractor, you would be well advised to purchase and use Human Touch massage chairs in your office as a therapeutic tool!

Dr. Mike Nathanson
Nathanson Chiropractic, PA
Lake Worth, Florida

Dr. Nathanson, D.C., F.I.C.A., F.F.A.C., D.A.C.T.S., Doctor of Chiropractic, has built a successful career in treating everyday people by helping them achieve optimal wellness through chiropractic techniques and services.

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