The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Wrapping up FCA For some, Florida Chiropractic Association’s annual summer convention was not as busy as in past years. For us at the Human Touch booth though, it was non-stop action from open to close. There were hundreds of DC’s from all over Florida. Many with their families, staff and in some cases their friends, and even a patient or two. Oh yes, and let’s not forget to mention a few celebrities like Duane Clemmons from the Cincinnati Bengals and a coach or two from the NFL.

With such a large area to work with, we were able to display many different model massage chairs as well as our IJOY Board and IJOY Ride. A significant numbers of doctors are using these two devices for therapy in their practices. Neuro-muscular re-education, proprioception, ankle rehab, core training, and joint mobility just to name a few. Both are low cost and very reliable.










With all that we brought to the meeting, I think the biggest hit was the “Perfect Chair“, the zero-gravity chair from Human Touch.










Not only is the PC the most comfortable chair you will ever sit in, but it is very useful in relieving chronic low back pain as well as preventing it in the first place. As soon as you sit down in the PC. You will immediately feel your spine “unload”. Your knees stay flexed, and your weight is distributed evenly. This is the formula for supreme comfort! Once you sit in ” zero-gravity“, you will never be satisfied with just sitting!




Dr. Mike Nathanson
Nathanson Chiropractic
Lake Worth, Florida