The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Monday, September 29th, 2008

9 to 5 just got a little more tolerable

All those meetings. The ridiculous deadlines. That guy who keeps stealing your chair. It’s no wonder today’s business-casual worker is stressed, tired and sore. But there is hope and help. And unlike the turpentine-strong coffee burning in the office kitchen, this remedy won’t give you the jitters or breath toxic enough to melt titanium.

Yes, even executives who once scoffed at the idea, are now realizing and welcoming the many benefits of onsite massage chairs in the office. Major corporations, such as Boeing, Apple Computer, PepsiCo, Sony Music and United Airlines now offer massage therapy onsite, and the trend is spreading faster than the office gossip about that new receptionist’s alleged tattoo.

Studies show even brief, routine massages in high-end massage chairs like Human Touch®‘s (as little as 15 minutes a day) provide significant mental and physical benefits, and can actually improve bottom line. Beginning with stress reduction – the leading cause of disability – massage chairs provide a cost-effective solution to helping reduce physical and mental burnout and stress-related diseases.

Regular massage has also been proven to energize tight muscles and combat fatigue, helping rejuvenate people and improve mental clarity. Additionally, onsite massage chairs improve employee morale and are valuable in establishing a rewarding work environment and attracting top talent.

Now, instead of hiring pricey massage therapists who only offer employees a short window of availability, high-end massage chairs in the office offer the convenience of an anytime stress-buster and pick-me-up. Human Touch massage chairs offer all the advantages received from the hands and training of professional massage therapists right in the conference room or that old supply closet.

Take an action item to get a Human Touch massage chair at work and discover just how quick, convenient, and effective it can be to for professionals to feel better, play better and perform better.