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Monday, October 20th, 2008

Therapeutic massage delivers stress relief for stressful times

The stock market. The housing market. The job market. The market market. With the only certainty in today’s economy being uncertainty, it’s no wonder stress levels are rising faster than our national debt.

And stress is nothing to mess with. Both short- and long-term stress triggers changes in the body, increasing the likelihood of getting sick, raising the risk of serious conditions like heart disease, and worsening problems we already have. In fact, some experts believe stress-related tension accounts for 80-90 percent of disease.

But you don’t have to stand for stress. Instead, sit – in a Human Touch® massage chair. Frequent massage from high-end massage chairs has been proven to improve the mind’s ability to monitor stress signals and respond appropriately, enhancing capacity for calm thinking and creativity. Massage also eases tight muscles and releases endorphins, which help the body feel better, enabling restorative relaxation, improving mood and helping the mind and body maintain a healthy state.

Additionally, regular massage enables the mind and body to rest and enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep that contributes to overall wellbeing. Not to mention the physical benefits of therapeutic massage such as back pain relief, improved circulation and alleviation of chronic conditions such as arthritis and bursitis.

So instead of dealing with stress by chomping on your fingernails, handfuls of antacid or your 401k statement, try something a little more healthy and effective – therapeutic massage from Human Touch massage chairs. With stress alleviated and the body well rested, you’ll feel better, play better and perform better. Even if the markets don’t.

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Therapeutic massage provides relief from painful household maintenance

The garage is packed floor to ceiling. The garden is overgrown with weeds. The fridge is full of things that used to be edible. And for some strange reason, you’re filled with motivation. So you put on that old college sweatshirt and spend all day restoring your house into a home. When all is said and done, you’re abode is immaculate and your back is immobile.

For too-rare occurrences like this and for chronic back pain relief, there are Human Touch® massage chairs. Frequent massage from high-end massage chairs eases pain and hastens recovery by gently and gradually stretching and manipulating muscles, joints and ligaments. Human Touch chairs also improve the flow of oxygen-rich blood and prompt the body to release endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller – to relieve muscle tension and stiffness.

As an integral part of many physical rehabilitation programs and chiropractic treatment plans, therapeutic massage from high-end massage chairs has proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, including low back pain, arthritis and bursitis. And equally significant, regular massage relieves stress and contributes to deeper, more restorative sleep, helping improve physical and mental wellness.

You don’t have to choose between living in a cluttered home and living with raging back pain. Human Touch massage chairs deliver convenient therapeutic massage for effective back pain relief so you can feel better, play better and perform better.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Say goodnight to those restless nights

So there you are again, tossing and turning in the middle of the night. You’ve tried the warm milk, tried the fancy foam pillows, and counted the sheep so many times you’re beginning to talk to them – in their own language.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, about 40 million people in the country suffer from sleep problems every year. Whether it’s a racing mind, pent up stress or just not being able to get comfortable, it’s not fun seeing dawn when you haven’t seen more than a couple winks of shut-eye. Turns out, routine massage in high-end massage chairs like the ones Human Touch® designs and produces can help.

Regular massage prompts the body to move from sympathetic activity to parasympathetic activity, enabling the mind to calm and slow down – similar to taking your foot off the gas in a car. This respite from intense thought and stress “restarts” the mind and restores a healthy mental state.

Additionally, Human Touch massage chairs ease tight muscles and prompt the body to release endorphins, enabling the mind and body to rest and enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep, while also contributing to overall wellbeing.

 So instead of choking down that herbal relaxation supplement that smells like boiled cabbage, simply put on your comfy footy PJs and take a seat in a Human Touch massage chair. Before you know it, you’ll be more relaxed and ready to drift off to la-la land. Tell the sheep we said baa-bye. (Sorry, just couldn’t resist that one.)

Friday, October 10th, 2008

We attended the PGA Tour Championship at Willow Creek Golf Course in Sandy, Utah with our massage chairs and had hoped that fellow Council Member and PGA Pro Tim Clark would be there, but no luck! We had the massage chair in the player’s lounge and other models out next to the 18th green for players and volunteers to enjoy. The only bad news was that the sprinklers turned on the last night and all our chairs got soaked, which precluded chair use the next day by anyone. Fortunately, the chairs all still work.

We recently redesigned the home page of our website. I am excited about this because we feel that our site is more interactive now and provides more educational content for our visitors. We now have video clips demonstrating different massage chair models, the last 3 posts to my Massage Chair Relief blog, a Special of the Month section (which, by the way, was a free iJoy massage chair with the purchase of an HT-1650 massage chair in September!), and a soon-to-be live video greeting from Yours Truly for all the visitors to our site.

We have decided to create video blog posts now to our blog. We have “painted” our very own home-made green screen in our offices so that we can tape our own video blog posts. We will begin recording those this month.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Wednesday, October 08th, 2008

September has come and gone in a flash!

I have been leading an Über-Type-A lifestyle: working up to 70 hours a week in a startup company and training 15-25 hours a week for Ironman Hawaii

This month, I raced with my adventure racing team at the 24 Hour Kit Carson Adventure Race in Reno, Nevada. It was a spectacular course which took us through some amazing single track near Lake Tahoe.  For once, the race weighed heavily on mountain biking instead of trekking, which was a nice change for me.  I thought that I would be the weak link during the mountain bike ascents – but it turns out, this was my strongpoint during the race.  I am not a fearless downhill mountain biker, however, and tended to ride the brakes on many of the descents.

Ironically, however, it is rarely during such obviously risky activities that I end up crashing or falling.  During the hiking section of the race, I tripped in some tall grass and did a nice tumble to the ground at semi-high speed.  Then, next weekend, I was riding my bike on the safest, flattest paved trail imaginable – and ended up having one of my most dramatic bike crashes ever.  I flipped 180 degrees in the air at 20 mph and landed on my head and back on some sharp rocks near a canal.  I always wear a helmet, which, once again, saved my life.  Somehow, I got my battered and bleeding body back home and took it easy for the rest of the day.

I don’t know how I can get up and walk away from some of the tumbles I take – but, I manage to not get injured very easily.  Perhaps being pro-active with massage helps, along with the shear volume of activity I do.

In any case, I do have some lingering back stiffness, which I am trying to self-treat with my Human Touch massage chair.

Now – I am into my taper time for Ironman Hawaii. 

At work, we are ramping up for production launch of our energy storage products.  It is very exciting and demanding work, but I find myself putting in 12 hour days on a regular basis.  I’ve stopped driving my car and mainly commute to work by running or biking, which helps me get my training in on top of such hours.

Whew! Life is crazy!  I don’t imagine October will be any less hectic!


A manufacturing engineer by trade, turned triathlete and adventure race competitor, Iona Mackenzie has built a reputation as one of the toughest competitors on the circuit. She has been dubbed the “Queen of the Machine,” for her machine like ability to overcome physical pain during races.

“Our bodies are the vessels which house our souls, hearts and minds. They are here for us to live through, not just to hang clothes on. Play hard, work solid, eat well – and REST. For me, that’s the quickest recipe to happiness.”  - Iona MacKenzie