The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Thursday, November 06th, 2008

The Human Touch back massage pad is an exceptional device for relieving the aches and pains of daily life. Technology TNT recently reviewed this product. This review appeared at

If you have a really bad back and are like many people, you have just learnt to deal with it. Now Human Touch has a portable unit called the Back Massage Pad, HT 1470, that can make you feel a whole lot better. Check out the details at here.

What amazed us about this unit is how easy it was to set up and use. Our reviewer tried it both over the office chair and a sofa. It has three settings. Lower back, mid back and full back with heat available in all three settings. In addition it has a memory foam seat that make you feel like you are on a very expensive easy chair. It is so well built that it comes with a 2 year warranty.

The term wow comes to mind when we used the HT-1470. This is not the run of the mill vibrating back pad. The HT 1470 actually does a circular kneading motion from the base of your neck to the lower part of your back, L3,4,5 as it is better known. If you have arthritis in the lower part of your back and have tried several back devices, this is the first that really seemed to ease the pain. Our reviewer mainly used it on his lower back with heat. After about 20 minutes he would feel better, much to our surprise. Anyone out there with a bad back can appreciate the relief that you should feel after letting the HT1470 do its stuff. All our reviewer can say is that he uses it just about every day and wish that it could be used in the car with a car adapter or a complete car version.

Everybody has this priced at $199 but free shipping is on So run out and buy it now, your back will thank you for it.

Since this review the Human Touch back massage pad has been on sale for $149. See the web-site for details.