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Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I have the iJoy 550 massage chair, the ottoman 2.0 and now the HT-1470 massage backpad (which is great). These are the most wonderful products I have ever tried and owned.I was very skeptical regarding the bold claims that Human Touch massage chairs made. I researched the products for about 1 year prior to my purchase. I noticed a huge difference in my body from the very first massage. Within 2 weeks I was starting to need less pain medication, sleeping better, less swollen and more energy. Within a month, I think my spine was put back into its proper place. Everytime I used the chair my back would keep cracking into place. Until you get your body working properly, you don’t realize how bad it was.

The ottoman 2.0 is the best. I also have bad knees. The design of this ottoman allows me to get a massage on my legs where I need it the most, my upper calfs. I pray that you continue to make this design. The ones with the ends blocked off may be great for your feet, but don’t allow you to get your upper calf. The massages from the ottoman 2.0 have controlled the swelling in my legs enough, that I can actually work out again. Getting more muscle tone & strength is something I thought I would never have a chance to do again.

I suffer from severe swelling which causes severe pain. I would not be able to walk or function, even for general daily life without both the chair and the ottoman. I was on so much pain & anti-inflammatory medication prior to getting my chair. I am almost medication free thanks to great daily massages. For years I have been greatly limited in what I could do. Now since finding the relief from my iJoy 550 massage chair & ottoman 2.0, I have been able to re-join life again.

Thank you Human Touch for such great products & relief from pain.

I was born with McCune-Albrights Syndrome. It screws with your nervous system, endocrine system and other things. There is no cure and unfortunately they can only treat the symptoms. This massage chair and ottoman 2.0 has gotten me off of so much medication. Being off of the medication can actually extend my life. It is not safe to take long term in most cases. So in turn my internal organs are not working overtime to process things they weren’t meant to. Again, I love these products and can’t imagine going back to all of the constant pain I have lived with for decades.

Gwyn C Anderson