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Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I have the iJoy 550 massage chair, the ottoman 2.0 and now the HT-1470 massage backpad (which is great). These are the most wonderful products I have ever tried and owned.I was very skeptical regarding the bold claims that Human Touch massage chairs made. I researched the products for about 1 year prior to my purchase. I noticed a huge difference in my body from the very first massage. Within 2 weeks I was starting to need less pain medication, sleeping better, less swollen and more energy. Within a month, I think my spine was put back into its proper place. Everytime I used the chair my back would keep cracking into place. Until you get your body working properly, you don’t realize how bad it was.

The ottoman 2.0 is the best. I also have bad knees. The design of this ottoman allows me to get a massage on my legs where I need it the most, my upper calfs. I pray that you continue to make this design. The ones with the ends blocked off may be great for your feet, but don’t allow you to get your upper calf. The massages from the ottoman 2.0 have controlled the swelling in my legs enough, that I can actually work out again. Getting more muscle tone & strength is something I thought I would never have a chance to do again.

I suffer from severe swelling which causes severe pain. I would not be able to walk or function, even for general daily life without both the chair and the ottoman. I was on so much pain & anti-inflammatory medication prior to getting my chair. I am almost medication free thanks to great daily massages. For years I have been greatly limited in what I could do. Now since finding the relief from my iJoy 550 massage chair & ottoman 2.0, I have been able to re-join life again.

Thank you Human Touch for such great products & relief from pain.

I was born with McCune-Albrights Syndrome. It screws with your nervous system, endocrine system and other things. There is no cure and unfortunately they can only treat the symptoms. This massage chair and ottoman 2.0 has gotten me off of so much medication. Being off of the medication can actually extend my life. It is not safe to take long term in most cases. So in turn my internal organs are not working overtime to process things they weren’t meant to. Again, I love these products and can’t imagine going back to all of the constant pain I have lived with for decades.

Gwyn C Anderson

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Therapeutic massage helps alleviate a major pain in the back

As we age, the body invariably presents us with several unpleasant realities. Hair begins growing in places you didn’t think possible, eyesight becomes a blurred memory and the structures in the lower spine degenerate. The latter of which can result in sciatica, a painful condition that can make even the most simple of tasks painful challenges. Good thing for trimmers, bifocals and Human Touch massage chairs.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is actually a symptom (rather than a medical diagnosis or disorder) resulting when a disc protrudes from its normal position in the vertebral column and irritates the sciatic nerve – the largest single nerve in the body. Most frequently occurring in people between 30 and 50 years of age, sciatica tends to develop as a result of general wear and tear on the structures of the lower spine, rather than from a particular event or injury.                 


For some people, the pain from sciatica can be severe and debilitating. For others it’s infrequent and irritating – with the potential to get worse. The pain originates in the lower back and radiates through the legs, causing any or all of these painful symptoms.


  • Pain in the buttocks or legs that is worse when sitting
  • Burning or tingling down the legs
  • Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the legs or feet
  • Constant pain on one side of the buttocks
  • Shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand up

Human Touch to the Rescue

Therapeutic massage from high-end massage chairs has been proven to deliver serious back pain relief for both one-time injuries and chronic conditions. Human Touch massage chairs improve the flow of oxygen-rich blood and prompt the body to release endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller – to relieve muscle pain, tension and stiffness. In fact, frequent massage from high-end massage chairs is an integral part of many physical rehabilitation programs and chiropractic treatment plans.

Human Touch’s advanced air-massage system in our high-end chairs such as the HT-7450 and HT-1650 stimulates the back of the legs right along the sciatic nerve to help relieve pain and tension resulting from sciatica. And the chairs’ integrated foot-and-calf massagers extend the relief to the toes, stimulating the bottom of the sciatic nerve in the feet.

Don’t let sciatica get on your last nerve. Discover how Human Touch massage chairs can help you alleviate its pain and discomfort, and keep you up and running by gradually stretching and manipulating muscles, joints and ligaments to promote ongoing back health.


Tuesday, November 11th, 2008


Consumer Electronics Association Selects The Perfectly Balanced,
Ergonomically Advanced Hand-Held Massager As A Consumer Electronic Show Innovations Award Honoree

Long Beach, CA  – NOV. 11, 2008Human Touch®, the leading brand of high-technology, design-oriented massage chairs for today’s modern and traditional living spaces, today announced the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has named the Human Touch HT-1280 hand-held massager an Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Health and Wellness product category. CEA recognized the HT-1280 – also known as the “Swan Softouch Massager” – for its advanced technologies, which deliver a whisper-quiet, deep-muscle massage replicating the percussive techniques of expert massage therapists. The award was bestowed today at the Consumer Electronic Show’s (CES) New York Press Preview, the organization’s annual sneak peek of the hottest new products and upcoming technology trends.


The dual-speed HT-1280 is a perfectly balanced, ergonomic hand-held massager that incorporates many of Human Touch’s exclusive advanced technologies to deliver a whisper-quiet, deep-muscle massage. Its sleek yet sturdy design enables the HT-1280 to emulate the hands and techniques of professional massage therapists, delivering articulate and accurate energy bursts directly to targeted muscles instead of vibrating up the handle and arms. The HT-1280′s intelligently angled form allows users to pinpoint an ultra-quiet invigorating and soothing massage for hard-to-reach problem areas in the back and shoulders that tend to be most prone to tension, aches and pains. 



“We are thrilled the Consumer Electronics Association has recognized the ‘Swan’ for its innovative technology and ergonomically contoured design,” says Rich Jorgensen, chief marketing officer, Human Touch. “This brilliantly simple hand-held massager typifies Human Touch’s nearly 30-year commitment to developing products that help people feel better. The HT-1280′s advanced technology takes the vibration out of the arm and hand and focuses it all into the targeted muscles for a whisper-quiet, deep, therapeutic massage. It’s tremendously gratifying to be recognized for a product that people can use anywhere and anytime to improve their quality of life.”

The HT-1280 “SWAN” retails for $99 and is available at leading retailers across the country.  It can also be purchased directly from Human Touch at

About Human Touch

Human Touch, the United States market leader of premier robotic massage products, offers advanced technology and designs for consumers seeking to incorporate health and wellness into their everyday routines. Appealing to back pain sufferers, sports enthusiasts, and those looking for a respite from today’s hectic lifestyles, Human Touch delivers high-quality Robotic Massage® chairs, zero-gravity recliners, and other massage products that are generations ahead of the competition. Wholly owned by Interactive Health®, Human Touch currently sells products to back-care specialty stores, fine furniture stores across the country, international retailers and distributors in more than 48 countries, and online at

Friday, November 07th, 2008

It is November already, and I am officially in transition mode. I competed in Ironman Hawaii a few weeks ago and I will share my race report, even though it wasn’t my finest day of ironman racing.

A Sorta Fine Day on the Mighty Queen K

In exercise physiology, there is what is known as the “central governor model“. Basically, the premise is that what we call fatigue is governed by our brain and not by things like pain or buildup of lactic acid. The brain is constantly monitoring a myriad of signals from the body, including things like muscle glycogen levels, body temperature and blood electrolytes. Long before we can “cook” our internals, the brain starts shutting down the body to prevent this from happening. The brain allows fewer muscle fibers to be recruited for motion (so we slow down). Emotionally, we begin to feel listless, with an overwhelming desire to cease moving.

My ironman race was a 12 hour study and verification of the central governor model. It was a hot and windy day. I started with a slow and easy swim in the ocean, trying to hold back, as I had not been swimming much this year. The 112 mile bike ride was brutal, with fierce winds whipping over the lava fields, pushing us to and fro (but mainly fro). I got somewhat depleted on calories and salt during it and spent a lot of time meditating my way through the difficult miles. The air was stifling and humid on Alii Drive for the first 10 miles of the run. All I wanted to do was stop running. I overcame this feeling and just kept going, taking in coke and Gatorade at all the aid stations and dumping ice cubes down my race shirt. I started to feel better between miles 10-17, once I left town and got on the Queen K highway. However, the temperatures were near 90 F at the Energy Lab, which totally drained any last reserves I had. I slowed down tremendously from miles 17 onwards. I started to get very sloshy from the lack of electrolyte and I began to borderline hallucinate at mile 23. For a while, I was convinced I was up in the Bridger Mountains of Montana, slogging up a ridge with my adventure racing team. But, no, there I was, running along the Queen K highway, with a tropical sun setting over the ocean to my right. Somehow, I got back to town and crossed the finish line, managing to not give into the desire to quit running and just walk.

Mind over matter only works to a certain extent. Being mentally tough can make the difference between keeping going at a slower speed or stopping entirely. However, if you get to a point where your body thinks it’s in danger, it does everything to shut you down!

I went to the medical tent after I finished and was immediately diagnosed with hyponatremia. My blood sodium levels were below normal, despite my efforts to stay on top of my electrolytes during the day. The combination of wind and heat had made it too difficult to stay on top of salt levels.

I had a solid result – don’t get me wrong. It was a tough day and I managed to push through. I passed many faster-looking men who seemed to also be suffering on that run course – and also had springy older women bound by me in a seemingly effortless fashion!

And, as always, the Big Island was absolutely spectacular. I enjoyed many papayas and passion fruit – hung out all day Thursday at the beach with a german triathlete who was staying at the hostel. I ran into Kathy and Fred – who’d crewed me during Ultraman last year. They rescued me from the mildew of the hostel and put me up for a couple days in their home. I saw so many people I knew from past races, and it was really nice to feel connected with the community. I got to watch Hawaiian dancers at the pre-race banquet, where I sat at a table full of energetic german soldiers. As we entered the water for the race start, we were treated to the sounds of Hawaiian drummers who were lined up at the shore in their traditional costumes. In the past, I might have tuned them out in the cloud of pre-race jitters – but this time, I was transfixed by their music and had a hard time getting myself into the water and up to the swim start. So, aside from the race, I got to experience a lot of wonderful things.

Fred and Kathy have offered to crew me again next year for Ultraman, and I am welcome to come stay at their house any time I go to the island. So, with this, I think my race plans for next year are unfolding.

I often ask myself – why do I do this? The only answer I have is this: it’s just who I am and how I’m wired. There is something very powerful about pushing yourself to the limits of your body. When a race goes well, it is such an intense high feeling. When a race doesn’t go well, though, the experience becomes more spiritual. So, either way, there is something to gain.

Mahalo for all your moral support. – Iona

A manufacturing engineer by trade, turned triathlete and adventure race competitor, Iona Mackenzie has built a reputation as one of the toughest competitors on the circuit. She has been dubbed the “Queen of the Machine,” for her machine like ability to overcome physical pain during races. Iona loves Human Touch massage chairs and attributes quick rejuvenation from adventure racing to the benefits of massage while using her Human Touch massage chair.

“Our bodies are the vessels which house our souls, hearts and minds. They are here for us to live through, not just to hang clothes on. Play hard, work solid, eat well – and REST. For me, that’s the quickest recipe to happiness.” – Iona MacKenzie

Thursday, November 06th, 2008

The Human Touch back massage pad is an exceptional device for relieving the aches and pains of daily life. Technology TNT recently reviewed this product. This review appeared at

If you have a really bad back and are like many people, you have just learnt to deal with it. Now Human Touch has a portable unit called the Back Massage Pad, HT 1470, that can make you feel a whole lot better. Check out the details at here.

What amazed us about this unit is how easy it was to set up and use. Our reviewer tried it both over the office chair and a sofa. It has three settings. Lower back, mid back and full back with heat available in all three settings. In addition it has a memory foam seat that make you feel like you are on a very expensive easy chair. It is so well built that it comes with a 2 year warranty.

The term wow comes to mind when we used the HT-1470. This is not the run of the mill vibrating back pad. The HT 1470 actually does a circular kneading motion from the base of your neck to the lower part of your back, L3,4,5 as it is better known. If you have arthritis in the lower part of your back and have tried several back devices, this is the first that really seemed to ease the pain. Our reviewer mainly used it on his lower back with heat. After about 20 minutes he would feel better, much to our surprise. Anyone out there with a bad back can appreciate the relief that you should feel after letting the HT1470 do its stuff. All our reviewer can say is that he uses it just about every day and wish that it could be used in the car with a car adapter or a complete car version.

Everybody has this priced at $199 but free shipping is on So run out and buy it now, your back will thank you for it.

Since this review the Human Touch back massage pad has been on sale for $149. See the web-site for details.