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Friday, December 05th, 2008

From the Desk of Dr. Alan Weidner…

Spinal Decompression has been quite popular amongst practitioners because of the benefit for lower back pain. When I was younger, I also remember the inversion therapy that older folks used for back pain…an older version of the more contemporary spinal decompression. As a practitioner, I have found the zero-gravity feature of The Perfect Chair mimics the decompression significantly enough that patients notice, in some cases, almost instantaneous relief from low back pain.

It would appear that with the seat tilting up while the back reclines, the weight of the body, combined with the pull of gravity on the torso, decompresses the vertebrae and opens up the facet joints. I would also assume that there is a decompression effect on the lumbar discs as well.

Another great advantage of the Zero-Gravity Perfect Chair is the elevation of the feet above the heart, thus enhancing return blood flow to the heart. As with most massage chairs, I have also noticed deeper breathing and improved posture in my patients, as well as decreased muscle spasm and tension.
Dr. Alan Weidner
Weidner Chiropractic PC