The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

RSNA (Radiological Society Of North America) completes its 94th annual conference, and Human Touch is a hit! Approximately 70,000 attendees from all over the planet descended upon McCormick Place in Chicago Illinois for one of the world’s largest medical meetings. 

Every year for the past four years, Human Touch has had a booth exhibiting their massage and zero gravity chairs to the delight of doctors, physicists, scientists, x-ray technicians as well as support staff, family members and all of the some 25,000 representatives from about 900 vendors. I am talking about companies such as Toshiba, GE, Phillips, Siemens just to name a few, with booths, some as large as 100,000 or more square feet, displaying equipment such as x-ray machines, MRI machines, and CT scanners, all state of the art and some costing millions of dollars!

For the last few years, many of the above mentioned attendees bought massage or zero gravity chairs for their own enjoyment and for use by their staff. (what a great perk!) Well, I am happy to report that some of these same physicians are starting to see the benefit to their patients! For example, some doctors are using HT-7120′s in their reception areas so that in the event that their schedules become backed up, (gee… that never happens), patients don’t seem to mind too much! Others are using the Perfect Chair, (zero gravity) for everything from PET scans to post operative recovery!

Some are even using massage chairs as a way to help reduce pre-exam or pre-op stress and anxiety.

So in closing, I would suggest that the next time you visit your doctor, if he or she does not have a Human Touch Massage chair or a Human Touch Perfect Chair in their waiting or recovery room,

Be sure to ask:


Happy New Year to all, see you in 2009!


Mike Nathanson, DC

Lake Worth, Florida

Dr. Mike Nathanson is a member of the Human Touch Health and Wellness Council. Human Touch massage chairs are a part of his daily regimen at Nathanson Chiropractic in Lake Worth, FL.