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Saturday, January 31st, 2009

I love January with its energy centered in fresh starts, new goals and a re-charged inspired vision to grow the life of my dreams. This is the time of the year when many of us are setting a new course for our greatest expressions: spiritually, mentally and physically. One of the most popular practices of this time of the year is the New Years Resolution, when we set up a “game plan” for transforming everything from our body fat to our finances. For many of us, the zeal and excitement that we begin this month of rich possibility is all too often replaced with feelings and experiences of failure and “higher self” abandonment by the end of the month. Leaving us with the rest of the year with greater susceptibility to “yo-yo” fad dieting, infomercial exercise miracles, and “drive-thru” self care practices that leave us less satisfied and wanting more. Much of the resolution energy is dedicated to exercise, eating better, losing weight, and taking better care of ourselves in general. I have learned both personally and clinically that there are some powerful principles that can inspire us to transcend the empty laundry list of to do’s and inspire us to truly have life breakthroughs!

First, set “whole goals”; goals can be seen as giving your dreams a “life line”. Setting whole goals gives you an opportunity to set your life in the direction of greater meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction. Whole goals can have an “outer” experience such as “to lose 20 pounds of body fat”, they are supported and fueled by an inner goal such as “reaching my goal of fat loss, I enjoy greater energy and vitality to give myself to the things that I love and value”. The inner goal can be seen as giving the energy for fueling the outer goals success. Whole goals can offer continued inspiration and sustainability in the achievement of all of our goals.

To enjoy success with all of our lives goals and aspirations we need to become aware of and skillfully master the fine art of “but reduction”. I am not referring to our behind, I am referring to our mind. With most changes, especially the more “charged” ones that center around our history with self care and love we may have a tendency to want to fall back into recycled thinking and worn out, limiting beliefs. When we attempt to make a break with an old habit or mind set such as embracing exercise as a daily ritual we can allow that big “but” of ours to stick out there and say something like” but, I never follow thru with my exercise goals”. You see , that “but” can keep us from ever moving on with our lives, healing an old wound and hiding behind our “buts” can surely keep us living a small and uninspired life of excuses.

To help with overcoming those energy stealing buts in our lives you can leverage the much more powerful “law of exposure”. You may notice that throughout your day that you are always being surrounded by things that either encourage a feeling of abundance or scarcity. The media, relationships and the various daily mirrors that we face can move our thinking and actions to fear based, small mindedness. However, you can choose to serve your mind and body all day inspiration with a simple reminder of your true self and your intended direction in life. This month dedicate a morning after you pray, exercise and eat a balanced breakfast to creating your life’s “mission reminder” card. On an index card set about writing out your daily and life’s plan and goals in the affirmative “all ready there” and accepted tense. In detail write down how your life works very well, the things you do, the people, places and abundance you are surrounded by, and the Divine vitality and love that you move with and express to the world. Now, you can use the “law of exposure” by reading your card aloud with enthusiasm and acceptance at least three times per day-I encourage you to read this with the belief and knowing that you are setting the tone and the course for your life!

Choosing to see this month as the beginning of a deeper, more committed resolve to evolve your body, mind and soul for this year, and for the rest of your life can help to heal and transcend a less than stellar history of broken commitments/resolutions. Inviting and embracing change to enable you to live your greatest life takes courage. The courage to over come the fears that often come along with change. Greater health, peace of mind and authentic happiness are ours when we dedicate our lives to stretching ourselves beyond our self limiting slumber zones and move to live each day better and more alive than the last, expressing our hearts vision and being on fire with love and purpose. Just as the word diet comes from the Greek diata meaning way of life, with these practices we set a life’s direction for eating, moving, living and thinking well that indeed become a way of life-blessings on your journey!

Dr. James Rouse is a naturopathic physician with extensive credentials in the wellness field including post-doctorate work in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and transpersonal psychology. He is a member of the Human Touch Health and Wellness Council and enjoys the relaxing benefits of massage chairs.