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Saturday, January 03rd, 2009

Have fun losing weight and toning muscles with the iJoy Ride and iJoy Board

Another year, another resolution to get in shape. This year, instead of joining an expensive gym or enduring hours of boring workouts until finally giving up altogether, put some iJoy into your fitness regimen.

Comprising Human Touch’s Effortless Exercise series, the iJoy Ride and iJoy Board are uniquely fun and effective ways to stay fit. By targeting and training abdominal, back and pelvis core muscles, these advanced balance-trainer products provide support to the spine for everything from walking to lifting, standing or sitting. And all you have to do is hop on – and stay on – to tone and condition these essential muscle groups every day.

Giddy-up on the iJoy Ride to firm and strengthen your hips, abs, lumbar and obliques like never before. Its patented triple-axis riding motion tests your balance skills with any of four speeds. You select a specific auto-program or combine them all into a fun and challenging exercise program. Just by sitting on the comfortable Visco Foam Ergo Seat and going for a ride, you’ll get a great workout and have a great time doing it.

And if you’re looking for less boring and more boarding in your fitness regimen – we’ve got you covered there too. The iJoy Board brings the snow, surf and sidewalk right into your home, making it easy to enjoy the exhilaration and health benefits of board sports anytime. Just hop on the non-slip balance trainer platform, select your program and speed using the wireless remote control, and start shredding and shedding those pounds. By just maintaining your stance on the Human Touch iJoy Board, you’ll increase core strength, balance and coordination skills, while tightening muscles throughout your legs, back and midsection.

We can’t keep you away from those late-night snacks, triple mocha lattes, or office birthday cakes. But Human Touch can make toning and conditioning muscles throughout your body more fun, interactive and effective. Add some more resolve to your New Year resolution with the iJoy Ride and iJoy Board.