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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

The First ThermoStretchTM HT-275 Massage Chair Features Dual Lumbar Heat,
Full-Body Stretching and Some of the Most Advanced
Human Touch Technology® Available

Long Beach, CA – Human Touch®, the leading provider of innovative lifestyle and massage products in the US, introduced today the first massage chair in its newly launched ThermoStretchTM line, the HT-275 massage chair. The ThermoStretchTM massage chair comes with some of the most advanced features and technology available from Human Touch, including dual lumbar heat, full body stretch, Robotic Massage®, and preprogrammed, as well as customizable massage programs. ThermoStretchTM massage chairs are designed to deliver an invigorating massage that helps alleviate stress, tension, back pain and sore muscles with just the touch of a button.

ThermoStretchTM massage chairs feature heat and stretch through a dual lumbar heat system and a full-body stretch program. Dual lumbar heat gently warms the lower back muscles, reducing tightness and pain, preparing the muscles for a deep restorative massage. The full-body stretch mode stretches the spine with a slow and gentle recline, increasing blood flow to the vertebrae and disks, effectively rejuvenating the lower back.

In addition, the ThermoStretchTM HT-275 massage chair contains Human Touch’s WholeBodyTM massage technology that delivers a remarkably life-like “figure eight” massage closely replicating the therapeutic techniques used by back and spine care professionals, making it the preferred technology of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. ThermoStretchTM massage chairs incorporate four massage techniques used by massage therapists and deliver a therapeutic massage in just 15 minutes per day invigorating and refreshing the body from the neck to the feet.

“We are pleased to announce the Human Touch ThermoStretchTM massage chair line and in particular, the new HT-275 massage chair, a chair that incorporates top-of-the-line features and technologies that provide our consumers with high quality, therapeutic massage, relaxation and rejuvenation,” says Andrew Corkill, director of product marketing, Human Touch. “With the addition of this line, Human Touch continues to carry on in its mission to provide high quality innovative lifestyle products and experiences that deliver indispensable, life changing benefits to an ever growing number of consumers.”

Users can select from four pre-programmed massage functions – Sore-Muscle Relief, Stress Therapy, Back Wellness and Full Body Stretch- to address specific needs, or customize their massage to relieve specific areas of stress, tension or pain. The patented foot and calf massage is available exclusively from human touch and simulates the “squeeze-and-release” techniques used by expert massage therapists. It also features adjustable width control for a customized fit. The ThermoStretchTM HT-275 massage chair offers luxurious  bonded leather that serves as a great addition to any decor.

The ThermoStretchTM HT-275 Massage Chair has an MSRP of $2,699 and will be available in March directly from Human Touch at  


About Human Touch

Human Touch, celebrating its 30th anniversary as the leading brand of high-technology, design-oriented massage chairs and products for today’s modern and traditional living spaces, offers advanced technology and designs for consumers seeking to incorporate health and wellness into their everyday routines. Appealing to back pain sufferers, sports enthusiasts, and those looking to relax from today’s hectic lifestyles, Human Touch delivers high-quality Robotic Massage® chairs, zero-gravity recliners, and other industry-leading massage products that help people feel better, play better and perform better. Human Touch products are available at back care specialty stores, fine furniture stores across the country, through international retailers and distributors in more than 48 countries, and online at

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Time sure does fly. It feels like I just rung in the New Year, and here we are at March already.
I have to say that the season is getting off to a great start for me. I recently joined the PacWest Elite triathlon team, a Bay-area based squad featuring some top amateur elite athletes from all age groups. I have been spending my Sunday mornings doing hard swim workouts with the team in Marin, followed by hard road riding along some of the most scenic roads in the area.
Now that I am on this team, I am shifting my focus to include many “shorter” local triathlons. (I consider a half ironman to be a short race!). My first race will be the Wildflower Half Ironman, coming up in the beginning of May. I am excited to be able to challenge myself this way, although it is a shock to my system to switch back to harder, more intense training sessions.
In addition to my work and triathlon, I’ve been trying to round out my lifestyle with some community work and expressive outlets. I started tutoring English to a Burmese refugee couple who arrived in California in May 08. I went into this with the idea that I would be the one giving to them, but I have to say that I have probably learned more from them than they have from me in the last couple months. It is an incredibly gratifying experience. These people are so warm and positive, despite the uncertainty and hardship they’ve endured in their lives.

I also began studying the cello in January, which has been very humbling, but also a lot of fun. I’m a bit of an Energizer Bunny, when it comes to work and training. It is easy for me to overdo these things, because it is my nature to focus intently on the places I choose to put my energy. As I’ve learned, recovery is the most important part of training. With a musical outlet, I can apply that same focus to something else and absorb some of my excess mental energy.
I don’t have photos of myself, as I tend to be the one on the other side of the camera lens, but here are some photos which show my current reality.

Trail Running at Berkeley Bulb with my Friend Josh








Swimming with PacWest








A manufacturing engineer by trade, turned triathlete and adventure race competitor, Iona Mackenzie has built a reputation as one of the toughest competitors on the circuit. She has been dubbed the “Queen of the Machine,” for her machine like ability to overcome physical pain during races.

“Our bodies are the vessels which house our souls, hearts and minds. They are here for us to live through, not just to hang clothes on. Play hard, work solid, eat well – and REST. For me, that’s the quickest recipe to happiness.”

- Iona MacKenzie

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Hello to my fans and fellow Human Touch users.

I hope things are well with you guys.
So far in 2009 I am off to a good start. I have played in five events, had five top-25 finishes and rank inside the top-30 on the PGA Tour money list. My best finish was a tie for fifth at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic along with a tie for ninth at the WGC Match Play.
This week, I am in Miami playing the famed Doral Blue Monster course in the WGC-CA Championship. Next week, I am in Tampa for the Transitions Championship. My game feels good, so hopefully I will have some good news to report. As always, thanks for the support.


Tim Clark

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Stress is part of life. Up to a point, the human organism is not only designed to deal with stress. We are actually programmed to improve our performance in many areas as we adapt to it. Evolution has provided us with many complex coping mechanisms. Some help us deal effectively with the problems and manage or erase an unhealthy accumulation. But there are also counterproductive psychological reactions that cover up or ignore the roots, and generate even more stress. Here are three proven ways to take control over the buildups in your life. Mental rehearsal can prepare you for the challenge.

Most of the stress-producing situations we encounter, are repeated-over and over again. Knowing the source of these can allow us to take action. But even if we can’t trace the cause, the negative mental messages associated with patterns of stress are usually known. By rehearsing your stress patterns in advance, including the negative left brain messages associated with them, you will desensitize yourself to these. In many cases, this rehearsal can stimulate the right brain to search for solutions, or for better coping strategies.

Exercise is a powerful stress eraser!

Research has shown that a 30 minute workout can lower stress better than just about anything. Physical exertion can erase tension, promote relaxation, and raise your stamina and threshold for stress. Even more powerful is the mental attitude boost and vitality increase bestowed by practically every workout. As people get into running, for example, they tend to confront problems more directly which reduces the buildup of unresolved or ignored issues. Many experts believe that aerobic exercise lasting longer than 60 minutes, 3 times a week, acts as a shock absorber to the system. Exercisers become better at releasing a stress overload, while feeling empowered to find solutions. Regular exercisers tend to connect more directly to the root of problems-as opposed to treating the symptoms.


There’s a unique soothing feeling when you give yourself over to a massage. I use the Human Touch massage chair and find that a 15 minute session can leave me relaxed for hours-sometimes all day. On really tough days, I will enjoy multiple sessions. When muscles are manipulated, endorphins are released which relax the brain. In this altered state, it is possible to let go of the unhealthy stress accumulation, and let the mind spin free.


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Friday, March 13th, 2009

It has been quite interesting for me to see how massage chair interest and sales would be affected by the slowing economy/recession. I was concerned that folks would put a massage chair a lot lower on the priority scale. But, to my surprise, and delight, massage chair sales have been quite strong. The only difference from a year ago is that shoppers are far more discriminating and price conscious. Although I don’t think any economy justifies buying cheap ebay chinese knock-off massage chairs that cost $900 and offer a ridiculous 10 year warranty (fat chance any of those businesses will be around in 10 years!!), folks are a lot more price sensitive when it comes to shopping for anything.

We get a lot of people calling for our latest “deals” and to see if we can “do any better than our store pricing”. I see that the interest is still there, just the willingness to pay full price is not. So, why are massage chair sales up in this down economy? Great question. I have spent a lot of time wondering that myself. And all I can come up with is that people like you and I are spending our money on things that will benefit our health…particularly in the long run. Perhaps less money is being spent on new cars and vacations and more money is being spent on quality-of-life products and services. A local health spa here in Salt Lake City has also noticed record sales since the recession really hit last year. Not quite what I was expecting, but, like I said earlier, delight accompanies my surprise. Dang, those massage chairs sure feel great!


Dr. Alan Weidner