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Friday, March 06th, 2009

If you’re experiencing pain or healing from an injury, investing in a massage chair can help accelerate the recovery process. Massage chairs can help improve your circulation and relieve stress by helping to reduce inflammation, muscle cramps and aches that accumulate in the body over time. As part of a comprehensive therapy program, daily massage can supplement traditional services and allow you frequent access to many of the same benefits that a professional masseuse provides.

As the mechanical technology in massage has improved over the years, the chairs have come to emulate some of the most effective techniques involved in hand massage. In particular, many chairs can simulate kneading around the neck, which helps to release soreness and can provide relief in an area of the body which is particularly vulnerable to stress. Advanced chairs can provide important comfort to the neck area, and can even provide compression massage along the spine, which can further reduce stress. Traditional massage chairs provide rolling techniques, which can help stimulate the nerves in the back, and Human Touch Robotic Massage® Chairs provide a number of leading innovations for this technique. Improved bio-mechanical feedback also allows Human Touch chairs to provide compression, which can help target specific high-stress areas in the body to allow your body a release from pain.

While many chairs concentrate solely on the upper body, organizations such as the American Massage Therapy Association have demonstrated the importance of full-body massage, including large muscle groups in the legs. In response to this research, Human Touch engineered its HT-7450 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair to provide a comprehensive calf massage. As a delicate, highly stressed muscle group, targeting the calf muscles can provide for improved blood flow so that injuries can heal more quickly. With enhanced general comfort, the chairs can also provide for general stress relief, taking pressure off vulnerable joints such as knees. The stresses on the body from daily life require a comprehensive set of massage therapies, so look for chairs which have automated programs that deliver a full array of relief to the body’s major pressure points.

In addition to the various movements that are associated with massage chairs, newer models offer much improved comfort and style even while in passive mode, providing an attractive addition to any living room.
While older models were less reliable over time, Human Touch® has pioneered advances in massage chair durability by providing motors, rollers and materials that are backed with warranties and support. No matter which chair model you choose, check to see the company’s policies with respect to repair and replacement; advanced engineering from companies such as Human Touch provides modular designs which allow for easy part replacement.

Although it’s important to check with a doctor in cases of severe pain, massage chairs can provide an effective means of recuperating from injuries or reducing discomfort that can come from daily activity. An affordable alternative to traditional treatment, massage chair therapy is an effective method for helping to restore the body.

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