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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

“To be fully alive is to be on fire with purpose” – Parmahansa Yogananda

This is your time to shine. You are given the responsibility to choose, to create and fulfill your purpose right here and now. Who and or what inspires you? When you envision yourself showing up for God-what does and it look and feel like? Your vision for your life on and with purpose is yours to step into and express for the whole world to witness and be inspired by. Always remember that the Universe brought you here to be true to Spirit.

Christian Larson said in his book “Pathway of Roses” that “True spirituality will give health and vigor to the body, power and brilliancy to the mind, strength and perfection to the character and sublime lovliness to the soul”.

When we choose to see our loving self care as integral to how well we are able to express our purpose in showing up for God you we will enjoy life’s sweetnesses deeper and more sustainably. Committed and inspired self care is integral to our spiritual development.

Losing motivation-define for yourself purpose-what gives you life? Create your day built on purpose. Choose activities that promote your purpose. Place things in your life that promote your purpose.

Declare each day to give your gifts fully to the world, to feed your body whole and empowering foods, to move your body with passion and grace and to think thoughts of wholeness, acceptance, creativity, peace and love. Set your vision into attractive motion by opening your mind and body to the infinite possibilities that loving and committed self care offers you and the world around you-let your love serve others to love with you.




Dr. James Rouse, ND



Dr. James Rouse is a naturopathic physician with extensive credentials in the wellness field including post-doctorate work in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and transpersonal psychology.