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Thursday, April 09th, 2009

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and feel like the planet is spinning way too quickly for my own sense of comfort. Time sure does fly!

Cinderella Ride

A lot has been happening in my life, on all fronts.

I attended a PacWest training camp in Napa in mid-March. The elite and developmental teams got together for a weekend of riding and running. It was a lot of fun – but made me realize that my heart and talent lie in ultra-endurance racing. So, as a result, I modified my race schedule for the year. I am going to race Ultraman Canada as my first A race, and use a couple of the half-ironman races for training during the next couple of months. My parents live in Calgary, Alberta – which is not too far from Penticton (the venue for Ultraman Canada). I didn’t get to see much of them last year, on account of all of my adventure racing. So, this year, I would like to try to race closer to them, in order to have a chance to visit with them a bit more. I am very excited about my Ultraman Preparation – but this means I have to start ramping up crazy hours right away! I started last weekend with the monster bike sessions by signing up for the Cinderella Classic – an all women’s organized ride here in northern California. I dressed up in a costume that was made by one of my friends, Darina Drapkin. It was a ton of fun and I still haven’t taken the decorations off my bike helmet! This Easter weekend, the PacWest team is having another training camp, this time at the Wildflower Triathlon venue, near Lake San Antonio. I am going to attend, but do much longer sessions.

As far as other things in my life go – things certainly are busy! The company I work for has just launched customer field trials in the remote area of India, near the Himalayas. We’ve gotten some very encouraging feedback on those trials, which means we are moving full steam ahead towards our production launch. It is very exciting for me. Our L-cell units will help save our customers a lot of money in diesel fuel (which also helps lessen green house gases and pollution).

Between work and training, I do try to fit in time for other things, such as cello lessons and English tutoring for my Burmese Refugee students. After my long run last Sunday, I attended the Burmese Water Festival with my students, where I was able to replenish my glycogen stores with many yummy types of food.
I feel like I spend so much time rushing around – that it’s nice to finally reach the end of the day and just kick back in my Human Touch massage chair (sometimes with a glass of two buck Chuck as a little reward). However, I must say things are pretty darn good, all in all!

A manufacturing engineer by trade, turned triathlete and adventure race competitor, Iona Mackenzie has built a reputation as one of the toughest competitors on the circuit. She has been dubbed the “Queen of the Machine,” for her machine like ability to overcome physical pain during races. Iona loves Human Touch massage chairs and attributes quick rejuvenation from adventure racing to the benefits of massage while using her Human Touch massage chair.

Monday, April 06th, 2009

I just returned from the Carrefour Polmaraton in Warsaw, Poland, where I introduced my method to Eastern Europe. My wife Barbara and I led a Timex pace group of about 65 beginners through a half marathon. Many had never run more than a mile before. Yes, there were a few tired puppies during the last 5K, but everyone finished strong. Here is how this happened. In December, I set up a training program for this race, on the website and through email newsletters. Immediately I began receiving the same type of questions received from runners in the US, Italy, Japan and other countries where we are working on Galloway groups:

“I feel so strong in the beginning, why do I have to walk?”

“How can walking every minute or two train me to cover a half marathon distance?”

“What will other runners think of me if I take walk breaks?”

“Should I take walk breaks in the race itself?”

“Are you sure that a very overweight person with no exercise background can do this?”

Many Warsaw citizens speak English, and a number of the new runners acquired my books HALF MARATHON and GALLOWAY TRAINING PROGRAMS. From the questions they asked by email and during the weekend, they read and absorbed every paragraph. It is estimated that several hundred used my program in various ways during the training. On race day, most just lined up in the crowd with the other runners. But Barbara and I used a 1-1 ratio (run a minute/walk a minute) to pull our folks through.

Along the way we talked, as runners do, about eating, the interesting sights on the course, family, shoes, aches, and how great we feel when we run. There were a number of runners who translated for other runners as we ran…one minute at a time. As is common in Europe, many shared that they used massage therapists to deal with aches and pains from training. I shared my success in using the Human Touch massage chair.

Barbara took a group of the “advanced beginners” and finished in a net time of 2:24:58. I kept the others together, including a number of folks who had run no more than 6 miles in training. The 1-1 worked again as everyone stayed together and we finished in a net time of just over 2:30. The glow of endorphins resulted in the same type of comments after a race in the US:

“Only because of your run-walk-run could I do this. I couldn’t run a kilometer when running continuously”

“I feel so good after each walk break and at the finish…I am a runner now!”

“It works! I feel strong as I go farther than ever, in each long run.

“I wasn’t going to do this race because I had only run 10K before. Because of 1-1, I did it!

“I have never felt so good!”


We just arrived home after a 12 hour voyage. The Human Touch Massage chair helps one deal with jet lag, also.


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