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Friday, May 29th, 2009

“I’m going to be wearing my chiropractic hat today for this entry. Most of the folks that come looking for a massage chair online or in our showroom have back pain. Yes, a massage chair can provide great therapy for a low back issue, but there is plenty someone can do on their own time to help alleviate and prevent low back pain. In my clinic, it was pretty typical to see the following functional findings in a low back pain sufferer:

1. tight hamstring muscles
2. tight hip flexors (psoas muscles)
3. weak gluteal muscles
4. weak abdominal muscles

Dr. Janda called this the Lower Crossed Syndrome and, to be quite honest, I saw this in a lot of pain sufferers.

So, what is the answer to these issues? Well, exercises that facilitate the exact opposite of the functional findings, i.e.

1. stretch the hamstring muscles
2. stretch the iliopsoas muscles (this is a tricky one that is actually quite a challenge for someone with very tight muscles)
3. strengthen the gluteal muscles
4. strengthen the abdominal muscles (to get to a “6-pack” from a “keg” stomach, right fellas?)

Sounds simple doesn’t it? A little balance board therapy would sure help in low back rehab, as well. In subsequent blog posts I will talk about the “How To” of these exercises so you don’t hurt yourself.



Dr Alan Weidner <>

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Hello Fans!! I hope things are well with you guys.

I am home this week practicing and preparing for one of my favorite stretch of events-Byron Nelson, Memorial and Memphis. Overall, my year has gone very well so far with three top-five finishes. Most importantly, I have had an opportunity to win in several events and I feel like I am very close to breaking through. My swing and fitness level are continuing to improve so I am really excited about the next few months.

As always, I appreciate the continued support. I hope to have some good news to report soon.

Born in Durban, South Africa, Tim Clark, currently ranked 28th in the World Golf Rankings, has been a successful player in the PGA Tour since 2001 and is a member of the Human Touch Wellness Council promoting Human Touch Massage Chairs.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

“After pitching for the New York Yankees for 18 years, my body has experienced more than its share of wear and tear. So to help maintain an active, pain-free lifestyle, I use the Human Touch AcuTouchTM HT-1650 massage chair almost every day.

The HT-1650 delivers a true head-to-toe massage with a foot and calf massager and footrest, and vibrating rests for my arms and hands. The lumbar heat is great for relieving lower back tightness and pain, and I like that I can control the intensity of the massage depending on how vigorous or relaxing an experience I want at any given time.

Another nice feature of my AcuTouchTM massage chair is how easy it is to use. It has several massage programs including Sports & Back Therapy and After-Work Stretch, so all I have to do is push a button and the chair knows exactly what to do. The Night Time Soothing program is a personal favorite I use to melt away the day’s stress and tension so I can get a better night’s sleep.

Not to be overlooked, this chair looks great. It’s got top-grain leather and a beautifully finished solid hardwood trim. I don’t have to hide it in a back room. In fact, I keep it right in my living room and it draws a lot of compliments – even before people try it out.

Being in The Big Leagues for so long, I’ve spent countless hours getting massages from professional trainers. My HT-1650 delivers massages that feel just as great and are every bit as effective, and I get to enjoy them every day in the comfort of my own home. Now that’s a winning combination.”


Edward Charles “Whitey” Ford
“Chairman of the Board”
Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee, 1974

Thursday, May 07th, 2009

You’ve just returned to your comfortable and cozy home or hotel room after a tough day and are tempted to relax for the evening. You know that a workout would energize body and mind but you don’t even want to think about exercise. It’s a fact that almost everyone who leaves their house or room will do the workout and receive the rewards. Here is a proven strategy to get moving on the tough days. The method has also been helpful in dealing with other challenges.

Mentally Rehearse:

The following is a mental exercise that you can do throughout the day to prepare for this situation, as you are sitting around at the end of the day, driving, or commuting home. Don’t focus on the workout. Instead, break down the experience into a series of small steps which are easy to do. As you rehearse the sequence of these, over and over, you become more likely to follow the same pattern when you need to do so.

Prepare by putting on comfortable shoes and clothes, and having your exercise equipment handy. You’re not thinking about exerting yourself–just getting out of work clothes and into clothes that are comfortable but could be used for your workout.

Coffee? As you are dressing, brew some coffee, tea, or have a diet drink, etc. Caffeine (if you have no problems with it) will wake up the central nervous system, making exercise feel better.


Eat a snack. Low blood sugar is the most common reason for low motivation in the afternoon. An easy-to-digest snack will raise the level so that you feel good and will reduce the negative messages received from the stress-monitoring part of the brain (the left brain).


Weather? Just walk out the front door to see what the weather is like.


If you are using exercise equipment in a health club, check the availablity and walk around the equipment until the user has finished his or her workout.


If outside, walk to the end of the block to get your bearings. Once you have walked 100 steps you are almost certain to continue. If using a treadmill, commit to walking 100 steps, then commit to running 100 steps.


Have a reward afterward, such as a snack, a beverage, or a massage–you’ve earned it!
There is a principle of lazy physics here: “A body on the couch wants to stay on the couch. But once a body is in motion it wants to stay in motion.”


Note: Over a million runners have attended Jeff Galloway clinics, running schools, wonderful retreats, training programs or read his books. To subscribe to his free newsletter and/or blog, visit

Jeff Galloway is a member of the Human Touch Wellness Council and enjoys relaxing and rejuvenating in Human Touch massage chairs.

Tuesday, May 05th, 2009

Buy One Human Touch SwanTM Massager, Get A Second One Half Off

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) May 5, 2009 — Human Touch®, the U.S. market leader of innovative lifestyle and massage products, is celebrating Mother’s Day with a limited time promotion for its award-winning HT-1280 SwanTM Handheld Personal Massager. “One for Mom, One for me,” which will continue through May 10th, is giving consumers everywhere a chance to give their mothers the perfect gift for stress-relief, while giving themselves the same therapeutic benefits at half the price. The ergonomically designed Swan targets the areas of the body most prone to frequent aches and pains, and allows consumers to enjoy a targeted and effective massage anytime, anywhere.

Incorporating Human Touch’s exclusive Human Touch Technology®, the dual-speed HT-1280 is a perfectly balanced, ergonomic hand-held massager that delivers a whisper-quiet deep-muscle massage in the convenience of the user’s home. Its sleek yet sturdy design enables the HT-1280 to target hard-to-reach problem areas in the back and shoulders that are most prone to tension, and erase stress, soreness and fatigue caused by today’s hectic lifestyles. Recipient of the Consumer Electronic Show Innovations Award (CES), the HT-1280 emulates the techniques of professional massage therapists, and its advanced technology takes the vibration out of the user’s arm and hand, and focuses it into the head of the unit, delivering a targeted, deep and therapeutic massage.

HT-1280 retails for $99 and is available at leading retailers across the country. For more information please go to

About Human Touch®
Human Touch®, the U.S. market leader of premier robotic massage products, offers advanced technology and designs for consumers seeking to incorporate health and wellness into their everyday routine. Appealing to back pain sufferers, sports enthusiasts, and those looking to relax from today’s hectic lifestyles, Human Touch® delivers high-quality Robotic Massage® chairs, zero gravity recliners, and other massage products that are generations ahead of the competition. Wholly owned by Interactive Health®, Human Touch® currently sells products to back care specialty stores, fine furniture stores across the country, on-line at as well as international retailers and distributors in more than 48 countries worldwide.