The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Friday, May 29th, 2009

“I’m going to be wearing my chiropractic hat today for this entry. Most of the folks that come looking for a massage chair online or in our showroom have back pain. Yes, a massage chair can provide great therapy for a low back issue, but there is plenty someone can do on their own time to help alleviate and prevent low back pain. In my clinic, it was pretty typical to see the following functional findings in a low back pain sufferer:

1. tight hamstring muscles
2. tight hip flexors (psoas muscles)
3. weak gluteal muscles
4. weak abdominal muscles

Dr. Janda called this the Lower Crossed Syndrome and, to be quite honest, I saw this in a lot of pain sufferers.

So, what is the answer to these issues? Well, exercises that facilitate the exact opposite of the functional findings, i.e.

1. stretch the hamstring muscles
2. stretch the iliopsoas muscles (this is a tricky one that is actually quite a challenge for someone with very tight muscles)
3. strengthen the gluteal muscles
4. strengthen the abdominal muscles (to get to a “6-pack” from a “keg” stomach, right fellas?)

Sounds simple doesn’t it? A little balance board therapy would sure help in low back rehab, as well. In subsequent blog posts I will talk about the “How To” of these exercises so you don’t hurt yourself.



Dr Alan Weidner <>