Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Michigan Association of Chiropractors
Annual Meeting
Dearborn, MI May 2009

I was not sure what the turnout would be, what with the economy the way it is and unemployment in Michigan the highest in the country. As it turns out, people still need chiropractic care, and the chiropractors in MI, among the best in the world, are determined to deliver the best care possible showed up by the bus load! This annual event is one of the best of the year anywhere in the country and this year was no exception.

As usual, Human Touch was the busiest booth, but hey, who doesn’t want a good massage? The favorite chair of all was the HT-7120 ThermoStretchTM massage chair. It is becoming more apparent that this is possibly the best massage chair Human Touch has ever made, which means it is the best massage chair in the world.

When you consider such features as full body stretch, air bags to moderate the intensity of the massage, lumbar heaters, adjustable calf massagers, swivel base, elegant looks, three programs, (just to mention a few) at a price that makes it affordable to the masses, one must wonder, “Why doesn’t everyone have one”.

Well, what are you waiting for?

See you soon!
Dr. Mike

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  1. I definitely agree that everyone needs to relax and have a good massage every once in a while. I’ve been planning to go to a chiropractor but when I read about this HT-7120 ThermoStretch of Human Torch, I am thinking about looking it up. :)