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Tuesday, July 07th, 2009

I bet you have heard the phrase “feed your head”. As a warrior on the seekers path you are sure to be inspired by the knowing that feeding your head can support the change of thinking you desire that can support you in changing and growing your life. We know that keeping strong, being open and aware and standing for your beliefs with a courageous heart and conviction are absolutely necessary to successfully navigate your path to higher living being and expression.

Using the tools and practices of meditation, affirmative prayer, visioning and eating…yes eating can serve you well on your journey. You can expect a more empowered practice when you proactively feed your body-mind some of the key building materials to allow the workshop in your mind to build the very best. I am sure you can remember a time when you were…are moving thru life at a pace that was/is less conducive to thoughtful consumption. Between skipping meals, drive-thru’s, and portion distortion can create a challenge in your quest for balance in your body and your mind. The roller coaster ride of managing the highs and lows of blood sugar can impair even the most zealous seekers vision and keep him from realizing their spiritual mission here in the earth school. As always you do have the power of your beliefs and the energy of your choices to set a tone for hormonal harmony. Creating a positive mental, thought and emotional environment thru the use of key nutrient foods is a practice and lifestyle that will help you to create the well-being you desire and the thinking to create a most satisfying life.

The work shop that is your mind can do some amazing things-the materials that act as support agents are neurotransmitter. These powerful brain chemicals are naturally occurring chemical messengers that when at full strength are the builders of positivity and optimism, confidence and focus, balance and creativity. These chemicals are ready and willing to act on our behalf-we are blessed with the power of choice at every meal time and snack window opportunity to put them to work.

Successful “morning people” are breakfast eaters-your brain loves to be fed every morning to start the day at its best. Motivation, concentration and a high level of energy are key to get your day off to a great start and building your dopamine levels will help to insure your passion for life is always at play. Dopamine helps with fighting fatigue and lethargy which can steel your fire when you are all about creating your best day. At breakfast choose foods like yogurt or eggs to insure your mind has the fuel to go strong and long.

It is amazing what a healthy, well balanced lunch will do for your mind. Most of us have experienced a “carbo-coma” from eating refined carbohydrates. You know you “are there” when your desk top could easily double as a pillow. To keep you upright and moving with balance and ease be sure to stop for lunch and keep your minds eye on restoring your levels of serotonin. Serotonin serves as a natural anti-depressant, when strong it will help with keeping your cravings for sugar at bay and it will give your mood the boost to transcend the stresses that want to take you down. Serotonin soars under the influence of lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats like avocados and soy beans. Envision and prepare a chicken salad sandwich with whole grain bread, avocados and a side of edamame’ -true comfort food for you mind.

When you are sensing that you are heading in the direction of being in the world and of it…and you need to gain balance, mental fitness and clarity reach for foods that promote peace and the empowering chemical acetylcholine. Three o’clock in the afternoon often offers an opportunity for personal growth. Rather then allowing stress to build beyond reason or inviting low blood sugar to take you down the path of conspicuous consumption (cake, cookies and candy) take a stand and meet your mind with healing snacks like almonds, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, whole grain crackers with a nut butter or a whole grain or a naturally sweetened oatmeal cookie can rescue your mind and raise your day to a personal thinking, feeling and productive best!

Every meal…every moment, you are demonstrating your thoughts by what you see in your life. You can choose to give your mind every opportunity to think bigger, better and bolder. Choose to use food as a fuel for co creation-choose to go for sustained nourishment-open to the idea that your diet can be designed as a lifestyle that is complete alignment with your spiritual path. Set your table and your intention and let the grace begin.

Dr. James Rouse, ND

Dr. James Rouse is a naturopathic physician with extensive credentials in the wellness field including post-doctorate work in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and transpersonal psychology. He is a member of the Human Touch Health & Wellness Council and relaxes in his Human Touch Massage Chair daily.