Monday, August 24th, 2009

Imagine an exercise that may help you fight the flu, reduce stress, make your heart healthier and make you grow younger-too good to be true? Wait there’s more…you do not require any equipment or expensive vitamins, you will get results without a restricted diet of only broccoli and you most likely will never have to break a sweat! What is this powerful elixir for well-being? It is laughter.

Laughter is good medicine for the mind, the body and just may help you in feeling closer to Spirit. You are blessed with your own natural pharmacy of powerful chemicals that are just waiting to go to work for you and all you need to initiate their employment is laughter. All types of laughter are welcome; giggling, belly laughter, snorting-it’s all good and good for you!

Laughter is inner jogging. In much the same way that aerobic type cardiovascular exercise benefits the heart-laughter has shown to be “health-full” with blood pressure and overall circulation. Set a daily intention to go on a “good humor” mission as studies show that people with a history of heart disease are not as good as healthy people at recognizing humor in everyday situations. When you are stretched for time and your sweats and sneakers are not ready and available look for an opportunity to laugh with life. Make fun with yourself and choose to spread the good healthy vibes of laughter everywhere and to anyone you can as laughter is contagious and is good for everyone.

Take at least two laughs and call me in the morning could be part of your doctors prescriptive directions. Laughter helps to support healthy levels of endorphins which are helpful in building happiness and fighting anxiety and depression. Our naturally occurring humor chemicals are a good complementary therapy against inflammation and may be helpful with fortifying your immune response including helping your natural killer cells fight cancer. And unlike most medicines these days laughter and humor are free of negative side effects unless of course you do not want a good side ache and tears of laughter to accompany your daily experience?

An integral part in practicing health and well-being is to show the world a good time. Look for an opportunity to enlighten yourself and the world around you with laughter and good humor. Believe that the world is ready to laugh more and your lighter presence is being asked to step up and be heard-Amen!

Dr. James Rouse is a naturopathic physician with extensive credentials in the wellness field including post-doctorate work in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and transpersonal psychology. He is a member of the Human Touch Health & Wellness Council and relaxes in his Human Touch Massage Chair daily.

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