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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009


I am the new addition on the Human Touch Wellness Council. I feel honored to have been asked.
My name is  Julie Chertow, originally born and raised in the City of the Angels, Los Angeles, Calif. I now base myself out of Ashland, Oregon which is only about 45 minutes or so from Mt, Shasta, Calif. I have been a Bodyworker for 26 years and a Young Living Essential Oils Educator for the last 12 years. I maintain a clientele in Los Angeles, New York and Ashland, Oregon.

I was always drawn to using essential oils during my sessions with my clients. I would buy them from wherever I could find them, thinking it would make my massage oil smell good. I never had any training, nor teachers, or books on this subject. I used 20 different brands of oils for 14 years in my practice not ever seeing even one result. So after awhile, I began to phase out of using them and there they went into a big zip lock baggie in my drawer. I had about 100 different essential oils.

Enter my friend Sophia who called me up very enthusiastically to tell me about these spectacular Young Living oils, I said “No Thank You, I am so happy you love them but I am not even using any of mine any more so I really don’t want to buy yours” She said, “Oh but these are entirely different” We who are healers, naturopaths, chiropractors are bombarded quite often with people telling us about the next best thing. Sophia would not give up. For the next 6 months she kept trying with me. My response was the same each time (even as she was telling me about these hard to believe sounding transformations).

Fast forward now 6 months, and I decide to go get a bodywork session from her, I walked in truly grieving from a broken heart. I saw all her oils lined up in her room. I thought she got me now! She applied 2 drops of this emotional blend called “Joy.” She put it over my heart center and had me breathe it in. Within one minute I felt the heaviness of grief lift over my chest. It was absolutely undeniable. By that night I felt the strangest sense of elation. I called her up and said; “what did you do to me?” She said; “ Julie, this is what I have been trying to tell you!” I was truly emotionally changed that I could resist no longer. This was the beginning of 12 years of studying with the founder of Young Living oils, Gary Young.

Julie_HumanTouch Chair
I have now participated in 8 Lavender and Melissa Harvests in France and Idaho where two of the four Young Living farms are located. It has been so incredible to put my hands into what I love and value and help make the oils for the year. If you come back to next months blog, I am going to share with you all just how and why these oils work so profoundly for uplifting our emotional bodies. I will share with you some very important and wonderful awareness about our emotional gland that lives in our brain and how therapeutic grade essentials oils play a powerful role. I have witnessed 12 years of watching true and profound transformations both physically and emotionally with thousands of people and look so forward to sharing more with all of you!
And now off to sit in my fabulous Human Touch massage chair as I inhale my Young Living oils.
Ahhhhhh! Life is so good and so is my massage chair!

In Gratitude,