Saturday, October 17th, 2009

We had an interesting experience with our Human Touch massage chairs a few weeks back. A fellow walked, or should I say limped, into our office wanting to sit on a massage chair. He said that he suffered from an Autonomic Nervous System disorder (the name of the condition escapes me now), the symptoms of which mimicked a stroke. He was very pale, had a droop on the left side of his face. He could not ambulate normally as he had a dysfunctional left leg. The bottom line is that he looked and felt terrible. His wife had to help him through the door. You’re probably wondering why he came to sit on a massage chair. Well, he had worked in the Far East for a while and had sat on a massage chair whilst there. He noticed an improvement in his symptomatology and wanted to see if it was a fluke or the real deal.

Well, you’ll get a kick out of this. He sat on a chair for only 15 minutes and when he was done, the change was absolutely remarkable. It stunned all of us. His normal palor returned, his limp was gone, his face looked normal, and his whole demeanor and energy changed. He immediately had to go to the washroom because he felt the need to void. He came out of the washroom a new man. He then knew that it was not a fluke, but that a massage chair could actually make a dramatic contribution to his good health. He is on disability and applied for coverage of a massage chair so that he can have daily, regular therapy. For those of you who think that a massage chair is purely indulgent and just an interesting piece of furniture that happens to have a little massage feature as an aside, you are sorely mistaken. A massage chair is an actual medical device that legitmately provides a significant therapeutic benefit. Try one…you’ll like it. And it just may surprise you how good you feel when you are done!IMG_0017 without logo

Dr. Alan Weidner

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