Friday, October 30th, 2009

I have just returned from the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park Colorado where Young Living oils have partnered with Donna Karan’s (DKNY) Urban Zen Initiative, to integrate complimentary holistic practices into the hospital setting for all the patients, doctors and nurses.

The modalities include: Yoga, Meditation, Young Living Essential Oils, Right Diet, Healing Touch and a Higher Conscious Approach to Death and Dying.

I think a wonderful addition to this would be the Human Touch Massage Chair!

We taught a wonderful full day class to students in Urban Zen along side Richard Rosen and Dr. Baxter Bell (master yoga teachers) as well as an esteemed orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Larry Padgett.

Our part was to teach about integrating the essential oils into the yoga practice. We also went into various yoga classes anointing the yoga students with Frankincense oil as they peacefully went into the relaxing Sivasana posture. It was a new and profound experience for longtime yoga students to utilize the oils in their practice.

The benefits I always share with people are that the Young Living oils contain the highest oxygenating molecules that readily and easily pass through the skin directly into the blood, cells, tissues, organs and brain so that in just one deep inhale these therapeutic grade oils give an immediate experience of emotional and mental upliftment with better mental clarity and a calmer state of mind.

My bodywork clients and I are really enjoying using the oils right before they sit in my Human Touch massage chair at my healing studio. At a certain point I have to peel them out of the chair to get them on to the massage table. Not always an easy task!

Also, recently, I have just returned from the annual Young Living oils convention in Minneapolis that was packed with phenomenal education and the latest research from doctors and scientists. These oils deserve that we are properly educated about them. I feel very privileged as a bodyworker to use the oils in every session and watch the most astonishing transformations. I am still in awe with what I witness after using them for 13 years in my practice.

In my last blog entry, I shared a little bit about using the Young Living oils for emotional support. To continue this thread, the easiest way I can explain this is that we have a little gland in our brain called the Amygdala Gland.

It resides in the limbic region of our brain. This gland is where all the emotions (including past traumas) that we have ever experienced are stored and released from. These emotions are stored as memories that may remain unconscious for years to come.

The only way this gland is stimulated, is through the sense of smell. We all experience this every day when we smell a familiar scent and we think “hmmmm, what does that remind me of?” Whatever was initially felt on an emotional level was imprinted into the Amygdala gland.

This is where the oils work profoundly and magnificently. As we breathe in one of Young Living’s emotional blends like Release, Forgiveness, Joy, Surrender, Peace and Calming etc. the molecules travel into the olfactory neurons, into the olfactory bulb and go directly into the Amygdala Gland to assist in releasing old emotional traumas or experiences that we have had in our present or past situation in our lives.

What I experience within myself, that my clients also say they experience, is a very quick profound emotional lift; as if it is releasing the heaviness we may carry from old emotional wounds.Julie_Chertow

For all of you out there who are utilizing the Human Touch Massage Chair I cannot recommend and encourage you enough to put some of these oils on yourself or in a cold air diffuser as you sit and relax and breathe.

You will experience what I am sharing with you and be amazed at the difference!

My Motto is: “Breathe and feel the difference!”

- Julie

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  1. I am a huge fan of smells. Just had aromatherapy last week and found a new oil blend to help me sleep.