Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Love That HT-1650!

It never fails that when folks come to our showroom, the HT-1650 goes right to the top of the list as “wanted” massage chairs. Interestingly enough, over the internet the response to the HT-1650 is lukewarm, but once folks see it and sit in it they are taken by the chair. It is such a handsome massage chair, with it’s leather upholstery and recliner-like esthetics. But, it really is the retractable ottoman that users fall in love with. There isn’t another massage chair that can touch the feel or even the therapeutic value of the foot and calf massager of the HT-1650. It is not uncommon for us to hear users say that their feet are tingling and itchy after a session with the HT-1650. That is what increased circulation in our dormant feet can do!

The vertical track on a lot of the Human Touch chairs does not go very low. It hits the lumbar spine pretty good, but it doesn’t really hit the sacrum. But, on the 1650, with the thigh and butt air massage it IMG_0017 without logosimulates sacral massage to compensate for the lack of vertical track down there. The neck and upper back massage is phenomenal. The fabric over the cervical section allows for a far more intense massage than most other massage chairs. This is a comment we regularly get from our showroom visitors.

Great chair, great therapy….

Dr. Alan Weidner

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