The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Friday, December 04th, 2009

“We get asked all the time if Medicare (or any insurance for that matter) pays for massage chairs. I totally get why folks would ask that question…why pay if someone else will pay for me?

Well, our demographic includes seniors and many live on a limited budget and income. If Medicare would pay for the massage chair, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well, I must say that in the over 5 years that I have been selling massage chairs to either patients or offline/online clients, I have never seen a client get a massage chair paid for by health insurance.

I know many have tried but I have never heard of anyone having any success with the attempt. That doesn’t mean that it will never happen. It just means that the medical necessity of the massage chairs has not been effectively demonstrated to the insurance industry. Perhaps an insurance code could be created, if it hasn’t already, for the massage chair.

IMG_0017 without logoThe little mobility scooters you see on television, are covered by insurance, so maybe something can be created following the mobility scooter model. If you are wanting your insurance to pay for all or part of your massage chair, perhaps it would be best for you to contact your insurance company and do the groundwork to have it covered by your insurance. I would love to hear from any readers what success (or lack thereof) they are having trying to get their massage chair covered by their insurance.

Dr. Alan Weidner