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Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Hello Fans. I hope everyone is well and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.Tim Clark

As I write, I am flying from South Africa (where I just finished 3rd in the Nedbank Million Dollar Challenge) to Naples, Florida to compete in the Merrill Lynch Shoot-out. This week will be my final week of competition in 2009, so I am hoping to end the year on a high note.

I am excited about getting to Naples and playing in my Presidents Cup Captain, Greg Norman’s event. I really enjoyed getting to know Greg during the Presidents Cup, so I am honored he asked me to compete in his event. In addition, I am excited about playing with my partner, Chad Campbell.

As always, I appreciate your support. Happy Holidays to all my fans. I look forward to seeing you guys in 2010.


Tim ClarkTim clark in swing

“Human Touch massage chairs have helped me get my back a lot looser. …It’s been a big part of getting me back to where I am right now.
It’s like a ritual for me, it get’s me going in the morning, and really relaxes me in the evening to have a good night’s sleep.” – Tim Clark

Born in Durban, South Africa, Tim Clark, currently ranked 28th in the World Golf Rankings, has been a successful player in the PGA Tour since 2001 and is a member of the Human Touch Wellness Council promoting Human Touch Massage Chairs.