The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

IMG_0017 without logoI just love it when a visitor to our showroom (and previously my clinic) sits on a massage chair for the first time. The sighs and groans of pleasure give me a sense of satisfaction knowing that folks are enjoying their therapy so much.

But what I really get a kick out of is when that client/patient gets up and says; “Wow, I couldn’t turn my neck before I sat in that chair,” or “My headache is gone,” or one participant in a golf tournament actually sought me out at the next tournament where we had our massage chairs, just to tell me that he went to the bathroom to do his business after the massage chair experience and, for the first time in his adult life, did not have any low back pain…which, he said, typically made his bathroom rendezvous’ very uncomfortable. Sounds funny and perhaps a tad off-color, but to that golfer it meant the world to him…so much so that he actually sought me out at the next tournament to tell me! What a hoot.

That is the most fun part of being in the massage chair business. Just like in the clinical setting, it is so rewarding to hear of these types of therapeutic success stories. And, who knew and massage chair could do so much. I must confess that a number of my patients who purchased massage chairs for their home therapy did not come back to the clinic nearly as much as they did before they owned a massage chair. When questioned why, they attributed pain relief to the massage chairs and said they didn’t need the manual therapy as much as they did before.

Dr. Alan Weidner