Thursday, February 11th, 2010

By Julie Chertow


I have just finished my long day of giving massages to several clients and am now sitting in my Human Touch® massage chair with such gratitude that I can also enjoy the benefits of massage therapy to relax and feel better!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already February and Valentine’s Day is this weekend! On this special day, many people take time to show their gratitude for loving and being loved in their lives. So as a massage therapist I sell a lot of gift certificates during this time. Giving the gift of a massage, and not just a massage but one with Aromatherapy, is a beautiful gift for a loved one.

Some of my clients have also asked me if I could provide some creative ideas about how they can share the wonderful gift of massage therapy and aromatherapy to their significant other, or husband/wife, prompting me to make it my topic for this week’s blog post.

One great idea is to surprise your loved one with a hot aromatherapy bath. aromatherapypeace-calmingEssential oils do not disperse in water. Simply take a handful of Epsom salt and put your desired essential oil in the salt and swish your hand in the water. This will create a magical and heavenly aromatic bath, making your loved one feel truly pampered and cared for. Some of my favorite Young Living oils to use in the bath are the Joy™ Blend, Sacred Mountain™, Peace & Calming™ Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Orange and Sage. Light some candles, and drop some fresh rose petals into the water. It’s a gift they’ll never forget.

Then when they come out of the bath and dry off, give them a simple neck and shoulder massage or foot massage using plain oil-like almond or coconut oil. You can also put a few drops of Young Living essential oils on their shoulders and neck and feet.

PC-075_Black_Pad_+_Walnut_BaseOr, why not surprise them with a heavenly massage chair or Perfect Chair® Recliner from Human Touch®? Browse from many Human Touch® products at or check out the Human Touch® wellness gift guide, offering the perfect gift recommendations for Valentine’s Day!

Massage coupled with aromatherapy is a true gift of the heart your loved one will always remember.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Julie Chertow

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