Thursday, March 04th, 2010

By Olympian Jeff Galloway

jeff-thumb-upThe year after I competed on the U.S. Olympic team I was on a track and field tour of Norway and Sweden.  I got to know several of the top athletes there, as we traveled together and competed about every 3-4 days.  At first, I ran some of my fastest times.  But by the third week, my new Scandinavian friends were finishing farther ahead of me, race after race.  One day, as we relaxed in the Sauna after a very hard race, one of the better runners from Finland divulged his secret: massage every day. He believed that he would not have achieved world-class status without these sessions.running

After looking through the research on massage and distance running, I learned that tired/exhausted muscles could be returned to top capacity quicker by massage.  An exhausting workout or race damages several areas of the most-used muscles, such as the calf.  It may take 7-14 days to recover from one of these workouts/races without massage.  Several resource sources noted that massage can allow healing after a really tough workout in as little as 48 hours by moving the “junk” out of the damaged area.  This stimulates the muscle to repair itself and the recovery of the muscle is noticeable.  Experienced massage therapists can manipulate the muscle to promote better blood flow which delivers healing agents and rebuilding material.

HT-7450_Hero_Shot_Wells_Up_(High_Resolution)_I have found that the Human Touch® massage chair stimulates the muscles in the same way as a massage therapist.  Furthermore, you can choose the area of the body that you want worked on.  You are in control over the process, recovering more quickly. 

As one who likes to run every day, I appreciate my Human Touch® massage.

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