Thursday, March 18th, 2010

By Julie Chertow


It’s finally time to move from our longer, colder winter days to one of the favorite times of the year, spring! Spring is a time for mankind and nature to come out from hiding to taste the warmth of spring and her many brilliant blossoming petals.

We are not different from nature as we shed our winter skin and prepare ourselves for what I call a “rebirthing cycle”.  We may feel more apt to move our bodies with hiking, biking, dancing, and swimming, or perhaps some yoga. We feel lighter and brighter.

It is natural to feel some winter blues as we have been without as much sunlight and warmth.  Spring is a perfect time to begin receiving regular massages to warm-up our muscles up, massage-rolling-female-model-jpegget our fluids moving, and lubricate our joints.  Being touched is so vital to our health and wellbeing.  Getting massages with the Young Living oils is a profound way to oxygenate our blood, brain, and cells which can instantaneously support us in feeling so much more alive and clear in our brains.

aromatherapy-joyMy favorite Young Living oils to use in the spring time with my clients are oils like Joy™ Lavender, Sacred Mountain™, Awaken™, Harmony™ & Peace & Calming™. The oil molecules are so small they easily, quickly and readily pass through all the layers in the skin and go directly into our cells and blood. You can feel it right away working to soften muscle spasms, lessen inflammation and pain, bringing us back to a more balanced state of being. I also find that sitting in the Human Touch® Massage chair while inhaling the Young Living oils being diffused, is a remarkable combination for regeneration. So go out there and get yourself a good massage, while enjoying aromatherapy to wash away those winter blues. Enjoy!

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