Monday, March 22nd, 2010

March MadnessIt’s that time of year again, March Madness! Some of the nation’s elite college basketball teams will battle it out throughout the month in a series of exciting and suspenseful games in order to attain the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. But what about the loyal FANs who have rooted on your favorite teams since November? Now you can enter our contest to experience a victory of your own with two great prizes!

Alleviate the madness in your feet and take relaxation to a new level by entering to win a Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Foot & Calf Massager. Treat your feet and calves to an indulgent, rejuvenating massage while you sit back and put the elite Figure-Eight™ Technology to work while listening to your brand new iPod Touch!

No need to jump through hoops to win these great prizes. Just post a comment to this blog post and describe why you deserve to win this contest in 150 words or less by incorporating the following terms into your blog comment: massage, wellness, Human Touch, and CirQlation. Make your entry as compelling and unique as possible as the winner will be based on creativity.

  • Submit your entry* beginning March 24, 2010 through March 31, 2010 at midnight PDT
  • Winner is announced on Thursday, April 1 at 2 p.m. PDT just in time to receive your prize for the National Championship
  • Winner will receive an iPod Touch and Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Foot & Calf Massager

Good luck and enjoy the madness!

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*one entry per person

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  1. My husband of 36 years died a couple of years ago. I miss him so much, but one of the things I missed the most is being hugged and told that no matter how bad things get that everything is going to be alright.

    I bought myself a massage chair to help me get through the grief and of being alone. It actually helped me experience wellness because it felt so good to be touched and caressed, although not a human touch, it’s the closest thing to it!

    My cirQlation has improved because when I finished a session of massage and listening to good music I noticed that my back and neck weren’t as stiff. It has helped me get through the tough times.

    Recently my home was hit by lightening and it damaged several electrical items! One of them being my Massage Chair!! I have missed it so much as I’ve had to work through the insurance company to try to get it replaced! My deductible was $1,000.00 so I most likely won’t be able to get another chair! I haven’t gotten to sit in it now in several months. Now I know for sure how much it helped me. I can’t afford to just buy one now, but having the Foot Massager would help me so much. I’d appreciate getting to listen to music on my iPod Touch as well as get to see the pictures of my sweet husband while relaxing!

  2. Every year the stress of March Madness is almost too much to take!!

    My boyfriend doesn’t even sit down during the games; he just paces back and forward again and again. I deserve the Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Foot & Calf Massager so that I can adequately recover from this year’s March Madness and will be fully prepared for next year.

    P.S. I also picked Kansas to win it all, so my bracket suffering! :)

  3. Villinova. Temple. Are these reasons enough? As an avid Philly sports fan, I was heart broken to see the only two local teams crash and burn in the first and second rounds. Especially #2 ranked ‘Nova who I had picked to go all the way! My brackets are suffering and I could use some mental and physical stress relief. Please give me the Human Touch HT-1350 before I go crazy. Not to mention Eagles season is only 6 months away, and we all know how that typically goes…

  4. Although I am not one to follow college basketball, I do a love a great massage and no company out there provides a better one than Human Touch. Your chairs make me feel as if I am enveloped in love, with the gentle tenderness that only a truly advanced piece of machinery can provide. My wellness depends on taking home the fantastic prize you are offering and I want to improve the CirQlation in my legs as I sit at a computer all day long staring at a 24 inch monitor. Maybe I’ll even be able to cut down a net in celebration after shooting some victory hoops with my friends.

  5. I am a survivor of three Open heart surgeries that came along with a single bipass. From time to time I suffer from ciruclation issues do to the missing vein in my leg. I have experienced the wonders of Human Touch at my office. I appreciate our wellness program at my company for providing such an incredible incentive, but if only I had the opportunity to experience such comforting massages at home! This machine could be the key to my continous effort to comfort. I know for a fact that this is what Human Touch offers!! I look forward to having this experience whenever I choose, and hope you find my history with your product a sufficient reason why ANYONE deserves your leg and foot massager.

  6. I am Jerome,
    I am a Sales associate for a HT dealer. I have sold tones of humantouch products, but could never afford one of my own. I have used and tested the HT products, and by far they are the best products in the massage bracket that I have ever used and sold. I am proud to tell customers that this will be the best product in its class. I have 2 childen and I am gone 12hr days somtimes. It would be the best gift I could receive to be able to come home and relax after a hard day’s work, and get the most comfortable massage from the best! It is my pleasure to even be apart of history in providing joy and comfort to my customers home’s and making them just “FEEL BETTER”

  7. My wellness is facing a back court press during my favorite time of year – March Madness – because I take these games too seriously! The thrill and adrenaline pumps me up so much I have trouble sleeping at night. Having a massage to increase my CirQlation before I go to bed will help with overall sanity! Go Syracuse and go Human Touch for picking meeeeeee!

  8. Ever since i was younger my cirqlation hasn’t always been the best, my mom would use her old methods and massage raw ginger on my body to hopefully increase blood flow (did it work? no.. i don’t think so… but it made me feel spicy). Although her human touch was nice and comforting, i think for the better of both her and my wellness, We’d be better off if i had the HT-1350 Pro and iPod to drown out the stress of NCAA.

  9. I am surrounded by women who demand their aching caves and feet be messaged, but do you think I ever get one? Are they concerned for my wellness and innate desire to also feel the warmth of the human touch? Of course not. Then again I suppose I can’t really blame them for not wanting to rub my calloused man paws. But thanks to the HT-1350 CirQlation Foot & Calf Massager and my new “Honey Do” iTouch app I have all the tools I need to keep the ladies in my life happy. Thank you Human Touch!

  10. Hi Human Touch. What a fabulous idea. I have been married for 11 years and have a loving husband and 3 loving children. I’m a stay at home home who is active in my children’s school and after-school activity.

    I would love to win the HT-1350! You would make a woman very happy. It would allow me a chance to relax and get my aching feet the attention they deserve.

    It seems like they are yelling at me every night after a hectic day. Maybe I can finally find a way to make them happy (wink).

  11. I need this product! In a failing economy, I run my own small business with eight employees, many of them stay-at-home moms who work remotely while raising their families. I spend most of my waking hours working my rear end off and thinking about what smart business moves I need to make so that I can continue to employ them all. This is very stressful! Needless to say, I don’t have a lot of time or budget to go out and get a massage, but I need to stay on top of my physical and mental wellness so I can continue to put 100% toward the success of my business. I loooove foot and calf massages — they’re the best! — and it would be amazing to win the Human Touch CirQlation product. I work from home most of the time, so I could use it to relax while I sit at my computer trying to keep my business afloat for another year! It would really, truly make my whole year better if I could win this! It would bring some much-needed relaxation opportunities into my life. Thank you for considering me!

  12. I’m a busy mom to two kids under 3. I’m always running around and my legs are tired at the end of the day. It would be nice to get my calves and feet massaged at the end of the day.
    I think my husband would also enjoy it. He works two jobs and is on is feet all day. It would be nice for his calves and feet which are often sore!

  13. When I was 20 years old I was hit by a biker while I was rollerblading in Chicago. I was knocked out and dislocated three vertebrae in my neck and back. I didn’t have the time for proper physical therapy at the time and 8 years later I still have pain in my neck and back. Last year I decided to run a marathon and had crazy back pain but am hoping to run another one next year. I would love to have something that could relax the chronic pain in my back and neck that I have had for the last 8 years. I am also getting married in a year and the Human Touch CirQlation product would be a perfect addition to my home that I will be sharing with my future husband!

  14. Here’s my definition of needing a massage. First of all, my NCAA tournament bracket looks like a classified Pentagon document with black marker crossing out more text than not. But that’s just the beginning. As a Michigan State University alum, I’ve seen my team lose its starting point guard and still go on to make it to the Final 4 … somehow. Talk about harshing my physical and mental wellness! I need the sweet, sweet relief of a Human Touch Foot & Calf Massager with its magical CirQlation sensation to ease my pain if my boys lose, or soothe my dancing feet if they win.

    Oh, and I have 4-year-old twins. So I pretty much haven’t slept since ’06. Massage, Wellness, Human Touch, CirQlation! Hook me up!

  15. Why do i deserve to win it? I don’t personally… but my wife who just gave birth to my first born DOES! She deserves a much needed rest and relaxation…. I am entering this contest for her!!!! THANK YOU

  16. Madness? End the madness!
    Bracket = busted. Kentucky = dusted. And the wheels on my fav beach cruiser are rusted! Can you help me out, peeps at Human Touch? Hook it up with a massager and I’d luv you so much! Hoops are almost through, I ain’t got no jumps, I tell you my wellness is down in the dumps. Massage is much-needed for my calves, heels, and toes; how long since they’ve been spoiled, nobody knows. I promise this gadget would be met with much elation, so please pick me to receive your CirQlation!
    The Spartans, the bulldogs, blue devils, or ‘eers – who cares who wins when you have friends and cheers?!

  17. Can you imagine, no one above me has mentioned the women’s march madness tourny? UConn, the greatest team in college sport’s history!!! Watching them clobber teams by more than 30 points increases the CirQlation to all of my extremities and my wellness gets turned up a notch. Those awesome ladies massage that basketall as they float their shots through the air and into the hoop. C’mon Human Touch, choose me for to get your wonderful calf massager and IPod touch! And go Huskies!

  18. First we want to thank everyone for entering our “Get in Touch with March Madness” contest! As a company, we take great pride in making people feel better™ for more than 30 years through our innovative massage and wellness solutions. We were not only entertained but moved by several of the submissions. After much consideration, the big winner of our contest is Julie b. Special congrats, and here is what won us over!

    Madness? End the madness!
    Bracket = busted. Kentucky = dusted. And the wheels on my fav beach cruiser are rusted! Can you help me out, peeps at Human Touch? Hook it up with a massager and I’d luv you so much! Hoops are almost through, I ain’t got no jumps, I tell you my wellness is down in the dumps. Massage is much-needed for my calves, heels, and toes; how long since they’ve been spoiled, nobody knows. I promise this gadget would be met with much elation, so please pick me to receive your CirQlation!
    The Spartans, the bulldogs, blue devils, or ‘eers – who cares who wins when you have friends and cheers?!

    Appreciate the support and be sure to follow us at and join our Fan Page at! More contest to follow…