Thursday, March 25th, 2010

By Shawn Henry Dill, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Shawn dill

The ability to stand, stretch, move, bend, sit, and bear weight is due to the support provided by your back.  It is the primary support structure in the human body, and yet it can be easily injured if we don’t give it the care it deserves.

A back is healthy when it is well-balanced, which means that the neck, chest and lower back curves are all aligned properly.  A healthy back is flexible and supported by the vertebrae, which are padded and protect the spine from damage or injury.

Because of the wide range of motions we undergo on a daily basis, it is little wonder that the back can become injured so easily.  Poor posture and weak muscles place excess stress on the vertebrae and back muscles, which can result in pain, inflammation, and injuries such as herniated discs and scoliosis.

There are several things we can do throughout our daily lives to minimize the risk of back injury.  For example, make sure you always maintain proper posture, especially if you spend most of your working hours in an office chair in front of a computer.  Also, make sure you exercise the muscles in the back with stretching and controlled weight lifting.

Treat your back properly by taking the time to stretch and relax during long car rides or long stints in a desk chair.  Use your back muscles with care by lifting heavy items with your knees, not your back.  If your job requires that you lift heavy objects, protect your back by wearing a brace and do not overexert yourself.

HT-7450_Hero_Shot_Wells_Up_smallerFinally, you should seek out chiropractic care and regular massages. Human Touch® gives you the opportunity to receive the gentle and relaxing touch your back requires after a long day of standing, stretching, moving, bending, sitting, and supporting.  The World Federation of Chiropractic recently endorsed the products created by Human Touch®, and due to their healing nature, I do too.  I particularly like the AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, which releases gravity’s natural pressure on your body by fitting to the body and delivering a massage equivalent to that provided by a professional masseuse.  The Zero-Gravity Perfect Chair® recliner is also an excellent tool for any back care regimen, placing the body in a virtually weightless position.  In this physician-recommended posture, the spine, hip, and knee joints are on or close to the balanced midpoint of the muscles.  This results in natural relaxation and minimum muscle tension.

The body is a powerful but delicate tool, and the back ensures we remain active and functioning each and every day.  In my opinion, that is reason enough to treat it with care.

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