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Thursday, April 01st, 2010

By Jaime Tam
Ethnic-fusion Dancer and Spiritual Yoga Instructor

“Not understanding yourself is not understanding the truth” ~Soen-Sa

I listen to these wise words and remind myself that our intuition and inner knowing is so critical during pregnancy.

I am currently moving into the fifth month of my first pregnancy and find the emotional waves of change very interesting and new each day. In this beautiful journey of deeply connecting to myself, there always seems to be a lot of outside influence and chatter going on. I have been learning that a lot of people around me think they are certain and accurate with all of their wives tales and predictions about how things will pan out. I try to let these statements and suggestions run through my own filter and return back to understanding myself, my intuition, and my own unique needs of Zen time, relaxation, and celebration of this sacred chapter of my life.

There is a plethora of information on the Internet, and everywhere else, about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. I remember the first few months of my pregnancy being flooded with so many warnings of what not to do, making me feel so tense and constricted from my regular methods of relaxation.  Some of my friends said not to dance or get a massage. I was even warned to stay away from warm-hot showers, my favorite part of the day.

Although I do realize that there are necessary precautions to take while being pregnant, I feel that our modern world has gone a little crazy on every last detail. I am very mindful of eating healthy and getting plenty of rest. Another great saying I love to read during this special time is, “How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterward”~ a Spanish Proverb.

Besides, when else in this magnificent life will a woman get the opportunity to really recline into a state of deep relaxation, ease, and inner bliss than during the nine months of pregnancy?

Photo 40Eat, relax, rest, walk, celebrate, eat, and rest some more. That is what most of my days are like and I feel blessed to live this daily routine. I enjoy taking full opportunity of my Human Touch® massage chair to help me unwind every evening with my husband sitting right next to me in his. Together we embrace the opportunity to simultaneously get recharged, eat great home cooked food, and watch a movie on our laptop as our bodies are at rest.

We live in a nation and era where having three jobs is actually normal. Overworking the brain and the body happens every day for most Americans. There is nothing more humbling than to simplify life in any way possible. I am happy to share that I am living a full year now without a cell phone, over 10 years without a television, and two years without a credit card. It is often when we are not inundated with a ton of superfluous bills and obligations that we have more time to better understand ourselves and connect with our inner truth.

So pull back, recline and rest when you can. We all deserve it!

Heal & Inspire!
Jaime Tam (Jada Fire)

“When It Gets Dark Enough, I Can See the Stars”