Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

By Julie Chertow


April is National Stress Awareness Month, so, for this month’s blog post I wanted to share my recommended tips for reducing stress through a regular massage therapy and aromatherapy routine.

Combining aromatherapy with massage therapy can do wonders for relieving stress. For me, these include getting regular massages and using specific Young Living oils to heighten the relaxation experience.

stressawayEssential oils, such as Stress Away Roll On™ , Peace and Calming ™ , Lavender, and Harmony™ are among my favorite aromatherapies to use on myself and clients during those stressful times. The oil molecules literally travel easily and quickly into the limbic part of our brain, which house many glands, one of them being the Amygdala Gland. This gland that is only stimulated by smell is where all of our emotions are stored and released. Therefore, as we inhale these oils they literally help to release the deep-seated emotions of stress, as well as the physical side effects that can be caused by stress.clientinmassagechair

While putting my clients through their aromatherapy session, I also encourage them to enjoy a therapeutic massage in my Human Touch massage chair.

This powerful combination truly allows me to transform my clients to relaxation and healthful longevity, leaving them feeling fully refreshed to better manage the stresses of everyday life.

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