Monday, April 26th, 2010

Mom’s job is truly never done. Her precious moments of relaxation are often interrupted by work, hungry mouths to feed, baseball practice, algebra homework, and a multitude of other demands!EMAIL-Mothers-Day_FINAL

So this Mother’s Day (Sun. May 9), Human Touch wants to help make mom’s life a little bit easier. On Mother’s Day, we will be rewarding one well-deserving mom with a FREE iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair, allowing her to enjoy a luxurious massage anytime of the day or night to help escape the everyday demands and stresses of motherhood!

To enter to win, we are asking children and spouses of moms everywhere to tell us in 150 words or less why their mom or wife/partner (who is a mom, of course) deserves a Human Touch massage chair on Mother’s Day. Moms are also encouraged to submit their own entry.

Please be as clever and convincing as possible, and be sure to include the following keywords in your entry: massage, mother’s day, human touch massage chair, stress relief, and iJoy massage chair.

  • Entries that include links to creative videos (no more than 1:30) and photos are appreciated.
  • We will be accepting entries starting now through Wed. May 5.
  • The winner will be announced on Thurs. May 6 at 3:30 p.m. PST!

Forget the day-spa, this Mother’s Day give Mom what she really needs – her very own iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair from Human Touch! She’ll be able to enjoy a deep, relaxing massage at any time, keeping her feeling great with her batteries charged!

We look forward to hearing from you! Be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter too!

Good Luck and Happy Mother’s Day!



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  1. My mom is the HARDEST WORKING MOM ALIVE!! Not only has she raised 4 children (daughter-the youngest, twin boys- in the middle, another son- oldest), but she recently went back to school to get her teaching credentials. Just when Mom got all the kids either moved out or away at school, she picks up a job teaching crazy 4th grade students! On top of all that, she plays on an in-door soccer team and organizes bunco for her and her friends once a month. My Mom is also very involved in our church and volunteers whenever she can can, leaving literally NO free time to herself! If anyone deserves this great gift for Mother’s Day, it’s my mom!

  2. Although I love my 1 yr old son to pieces, he gives me a lot of stress since he’s a poor sleeper. An iJoy massage chair would be the perfect stress relief that I need! This would be a lovely Mother’s Day gift…after a long day I can sit back and get a great massage and be totally relaxed! I’d even let my husband enjoy this wonderful human touch massage chair..he has back issues and I’m sure this would help him!

  3. I just want to win this so much for my mother. It seems like she hasn’t been able to catch a break from caregiving…she took care of her children, then her aging parents, and now my ill dad. Yet, she is tireless, doesn’t complain, and is efficient and fun. Taking care of my dad does a real job on her back and body, and I’d love to get her into this Human Touch Massage chair with a nice blanket and cup of tea! Talk about Stress Relief…that would do the trick.

    My mom is a former Broadway and TV actress, she actually took over the role of the Indian Princess on Howdy Doody, and back in the day, she went on TV game shows in NYC. She won a washer and dryer on The Price is Right, and she and my dad went on a Johnny Carson game show and won $2000, which, in the early 1950s was HUGE. It allowed them to make a deposit on their home. Since then, I don’t believe she has won a thing! Let’s make it happen for her this Mother’s Day. My mom deserves this wonderful Massage Chair. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. My wife Sharon certainly is one of the best moms. Even though she has had some hardships she always strives to be all that she can be for our kids. Unfortunately she lost her first baby one week before delivery. During her second pregnancy she delivered the babies prematurely at 26 weeks. But because of her love and devotion my kids have been growing to their full potentials. Their mother’s love has helped them graduate from all the doctors that their were seeing. Sharon loves massages. A human touch massage chair in this mother’s day would be the optimal gift. After a taxing day a joy massage chair would provide her with the stress relief that she deserves in this and all mother’s days.

  5. My son has a massive stroke last February. When the Brain tramma unit he was in decided they could not do any more ,I decided to bring him home against everyone wishes. I had to feed him, change him, bath him, dress him, massage him and move him every two hours. plus work a 40 hrs week ( I took him to work with me) keep up with the yard and house work all by myself. My 33 yr old baby was like a baby again. This mothers day I could use some stress relief. A Human Touch Massage Chair is just what I need to re-energize so I can continue helping in his recovery . My Mothers Day would be complete with the iJOy Massage chair.

  6. My mom deserves the human touch massage chair because the has given birth to seven children (ages 15-1) and her 8th is due on June 1st, her 25th wedding anniversary! To top it all off, she HOMESCHOOLS every one of us, preschool through 9th grade! She could really use the stress relief that this chair would provide! Take a look at her blog,, for photos, videos, and more proof that my mom deserves to win this chair for Mother’s Day!

  7. I’m the mother to 5 year old twin boys. As if that’s not stressful enough, my mother died last year, and the stress of trying to get my boys taken care of, be mommy, and a working mom has been incredibly stressful. My sciatica is acting up nonstop with pain 24/7, and I can’t sleep because of dreams of my mom. I’m exhausted and sore. This would be a dream for me.

  8. Mother’s Day is coming soon and I believe my mother deserves this chair more than anyone, and I would love to give it to her this year for several reasons. The first reason being she had back surgery about 5 years ago for a pinched nerve and for those who have had back surgery before, you never fully recover. She is in pain ALL the time, and although my back massages help her, this would be perfect for her! Secondly, she is the best mother ever. She works hard for our family, and she needs some pampering for once, and this is what she needs.

  9. My mom deserves this chair because she helps me to be a better mom. After battling breast cancer and the unexpected death of my stepfather, my mom willing moved from Hawaii to be with me and my son in Las Vegas. I am a single mom, and without my mom, I would not be able to do the things that will ultimately make my and my son’s life better. She babysits whenever I need her to, she does the laundry, prepares my son’s meals, and even takes care of my dog… She has never said “no” to anything I’ve asked. When my son was in the hospital with pneumonia, she stayed with him overnight so that I could go home to shower and rest. So even though this massage chair won’t erase the difficult past she’s had or give her back her pre-cancer breast, at least I know it will provide her with some much deserved and much needed rest and relaxation. Thanks so much!!

  10. Oh that iJoy massage chair sounds wonderful! I run a small in home daycare and let’s just say Stay at Home Mom’s have it tough, but when you run a home daycare that’s like 3 times the stress! I love the kids I watch to pieces, including my own son who just turned 2 on Friday, but they wear me out! It would be a wonderful surprise to win a human touch massage chair for Mother’s day. I could use this in the evenings once all of the kids have gone home to de-stress and enjoy some quality time w/my husband and son. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  11. I really need this for myself. I am in constant pain after being injured 2 years ago. I underwent surgery to fix the damage and my doctor ended up cutting my nerves so now, unless we can win a suit against him, I will live in pain and be disabled the rest of my life. I am awaiting a decision from Social Security Disability, too. It’s been a battle since I was injured at 38 years of age. I’ve had to give up my law enforcement work and all my additional education (college, certifications…) were all in that field, plus EMS and Fire.The massage helps take away the ‘extra’ pains from getting out of adjustment from using a cane and from the other parts of my body overcompensating for the injured areas (low back and buttocks especially). It would also help because I can not sit upright. I have to be at an angle and I cannot straighten my right leg. With this chair leaning, it will help my comfort. I don’t remember what relaxing, comfort or pain-free are like.

  12. I am actually entering this for myself for Mother’s Day. Every year in the past 10 years of my life I had looked forward to one day being a mom and actually absorb in this celebration. For the first 7 years it came and went and I didn’t get to celebrate it. I was having trouble being able to conceive. After going to the doctors and trying medications I was on the edge of giving up. I couldn’t even celebrate Mother’s Day with my very own mother as she lives on the opposite end of the country from me for some comfort on this day as others share in this wonderful day. Then about 2 years ago a miracle happened. I was finally able to conceive and for the first time when my daughter turned 11 months old I was able to finally enjoy what Mother’s Day meant. It had never felt so good and it truly gave me the meaning of being a mom especially when I hold her in my arms and thank God for such a great miracle. Not that anyone could easily be a mom but what I had went through wanting to be mom it was all worth the wait. During my pregnancy I was going to school full time and working full time. I had no rest and surely when she came along I had to add another full time job to it, being a mom. I finally graduated with my Bachelors in mid 2009. I will again be celebrating this Mother’s Day being a mom to a 22 month old girl and another soon to be born baby girl in July. Even though I may not get to be the winner chosen I hope to at least touched the hearts of the many women out there who one day look forward to being a mom to celebrate their day, Mother’s Day, like I have. The massage chair would surely be a great gift this Mother’s Day as carrying a baby is so harsh on my back and everything that I had gone through to better my family I think I deserve to sit down for a moment to rest and pamper myself but just sharing my story is well worth entering this contest.

  13. My Mom is an awesome mother and hard worker. As a nurse that has the human touch to heal and care for others, she could really use a human touch massage chair for her stress relief and relaxation. I’d love for her to get a massage by the iJoy massage chair this Mother’s Day and everyday for my hero saving lives!

  14. This mother’s day I would love to be able to surprise my partner with the iJoy massage chair! She is one of the hardest working women I know. She works 50 hours a week to make it possible for me to stay home with our son and be able to attend night classes to fulfill my career dream. She commutes 2 hours every day and could definitely use the human touch massage chair to gain some stress relief! She suffers chronic back pain secondary to a car accident and rarely is able to get relief from the nagging pain. Every holiday when people ask for gift ideas she only requests gift certificates for a massage. She is selfless and truly deserving of this wonderful chair. If she did she would be able to ask for a gift for herself instead of her back.

  15. She has blond hair. Green eyes. Fair skin. Her daughter’s skin is coffee-colored and she has wavy black hair. As she takes out her government assistance coupons, the woman behind her in line at the market stares with a judgmental glare. The mom is only 22.

    Being a white single mother to a bi-racial daughter for 7-years was one of the hardest things my wife has ever done. And by the grace of God it was one of the greatest triumphs in her life. My step daughter (now 15) has a compassion and talent that is a testament to my wife’s commitment all those years to turn her life around. Now she is committed to helping teen girls get through these awkward times using her photography to help raise their self-esteem. An iJoy stress relief Human Touch massage chair would be the perfect Mother’s day gift for a remarkable woman.

    Photo of my wife, Tasra (pronounced TOZ-rah):

    Video excerpt of our daughter singing an original song acapella:

  16. I would LOVE the iJoy massage chair for my first Mother’s Day. I have a almost 5 month old daughter and work over 40 hours a week. It would be lovely and so good for stress relief.
    I work for my dad and since my sister was also pregnant at the same time I had little maternity leave. I was back basically after a week. I did some work from home 2 days after giving birth talk about needing a massage chair.
    Here I am 3 1/2 weeks after her birth at work.!/photo.php?pid=922241&id=1004654905

  17. My mother is the strongest person I’ll ever know. After raising me by herself after my parents divorced and sacrificing her own dreams to take care of me, she remarried and had my little brother who turned out to be Autistic. His father left and my mother and I have taken care of my autistic brother since. His needs are extraordinary – there is always a battle to fight for the best school, the best medications, the best schedule and other activities for him. My mother is unable to work due to my brother’s massive amount of needs and care. She has given up her life for him, very often including getting any sleep herself or taking care of her own basic needs. Her priority is fighting for her son and advocating for Autism awareness on every scale possible. Due to the lack of care in our area, she has no life of her own, no social life to speak of, and works to find answers, care, and support daily. Many of her days consist of back-to-back phone calls which take up entire days, which prevent her from having any time to herself, sometimes including remembering to eat. She is a shining star of advocacy and strength, not only for the enormous amount of families affected by Autism, but for all single mothers and struggling families. She is my hero and an amazing role model for others. I believe she deserves this human touch massage chair more than anyone I could think of. She does not have the time to relax as she puts my brother’s needs first and foremost always. She desperately needs stress relief and deserves this massage chair for mother’s day!

  18. I have an absolutely amazing Mother. Her name is Barbara. She has always been there for me through everything, good or bad, that has happened in my life. 6 months ago, Mom was told that she has cancer, Renal Cell Carcinoma. They told her it was everywhere. She has so far defied the odds and we hope that she will continue to do so. She has her good days and bad days. She has not been able to sleep in a bed for over 6 months because it hurts for her to lay flat and when she rolls over on her shoulder it causes extreme pain. We had thought it was a torn rotator cuff but after her cancer diagnosis we found out that the cancer had actually destroyed the joint. She sleeps in a regular recliner, but I am thinking that this Human touch massage chair might be the thing to ease some of the aches she gets from sitting so much. I think it would be the perfect Mother’s Day present for her. I would give anything for her to feel better. If this chair would give her even just a few moments of pampering and stress-relief each day, I would be eternally grateful.

  19. Most families were born poor during the early days. My mother was illiterate but she would work 4 odd jobs, almost 24/7 to raise 5 of us. She spent on food, clothes and school necessities the best possible for us. Although it had never enough for 50 dollars/month, she would never give in and keep saving. She always touched with just one carnation every Mother’s Day and our obedient behaviour was her stress relief massage. We have grown up well in life. She deserves this great iJoy Massage Chair, a comfortable human touch massage chair for her joy and love.

  20. We all know that Mother’s Day is coming soon. I deserve this amazing chair as I had severe back pain in my first pregnancy. I would love to try it to see how it works and recommend it to my readers and friends in my blog, I always have lot of work in my blog and home. I want to releive stress with this chair. I hate to go to spa which I had to spend lot of money to relax and relive stress.

    I want my mom and my friends’ moms to try it so that they can buy it later if they feel it’s worth to buy it. I think every mothers must have this chair. I can proudly say that my mom is a role model and I should learn more from her.

    I also believe every mom deserves this chair for Mother’s Day. Thank you so much for giving us chance to win!

  21. my mom is an very strong women she has been through so many things that so many mothers wouldn’t be able to go through,done so much for the six of us,she always put her family and friends before herself,she takes care of the sick,poor ,even when my dad let’s her down she still stood by his side,she’s had so many surgeries,and she’s tired and I hope that she wins this chair so she can rest,

  22. I’m sure there are mons more deserving than I
    But I work very hard and I’m willing to try
    I have three children now, and one on the way
    and I’m holding two jobs where I work everday
    My children are great, ages twelve, ten and two
    And in June we’ll be six (when are new one is due)
    My husband works days while I work at night
    We both watch our children and do what is right
    It’s sometimes so hard, but our children come first
    And the stress gets so much, that I feel I may burst
    My parents live far from the place I call home
    Which is hard when I’m feeling upset or alone
    It’s rare that we all eat a family meal
    It’s not easy to bypass this yearning I feel
    My kids know I love them, of that I make sure
    With a hug and a kiss, before I walk out that door
    The love that we share truly can not be measured
    And you can bet that each moment together is treasured
    There isn’t much time for this mom to get rest
    But I look at my family and know I am blessed

  23. The person I most admire is my mom. She is really nice. She often helps people. She is also considerate she has been trying to plan something special for my dad’s birthday. My mom is thoughtful because she always brings food for the holidays. I think my mom is excellent.

    My mom is the nicest person I know. She drives me to school every day so I don’t have to wake up super early to take the bus. Mom helps me with my homework so it doesn’t take me so long as it would if I did it by myself. She is nice to everyone even when it is hard. My mom is a very decent person.

    My mom is kind to my dad, my brother and me. Letting us sleep in on the weekends is one of the sweet things she does for us. Mom mom makes sure I eat well. My mom is a very considerate person.

    My mom is the most thoughtful person. She gives me tasty food like pizza. She picks me up from school. She reads to me. My mom is very thougthful.

    My mom is the greatest person ever. I love my mom!

    I think that she deserves this Human Touch massage chair because sometimes life gets hectic.

  24. I am entering on behalf of my best friend Shelley. 4 years ago she found out that her then 4yo son had leukemia. 6 months later she found out her husband had lung cancer. She had to not only deal with both of them being sick, but continue doing her everyday actvities while taking care of her son, husband and daughter. Over the years she has stayed strong for the family while taking them several times a week over two mountain passes to the only hospital that could treat them. Although it was a very trying time she always had a smile on her face and trudged on.
    Her son is now doing better and expected to fully recover. Sadly her husband lost his battle with cancer on 1.18.10. She now has to continue on for her children while doing the things her husband used to do. Like taking care of the orchards that brought in an income for them. If anyone deserves to sit down and relax for a massage to relieve her everyday stress in a human touch iJoy massage chair that would be Shelley. This would make her Mother’s Day a bit brighter, a little more bearable and wonderfully relaxing.

  25. My mom totally deserves this. She worked so hard and continues to do so. She is so frugal just so that her kids are able to get all they need. I wish I could afford to get her massage at a spa This mother’s day, she totally would be thrilled with the iJoy massage chair. This would surely aid in stress relief. I mean, who wouldn’t want a human touch massage chair? =)

  26. Hi, I am writing this for my 5 year old daughter, Emma. We are submitting this for my wife, and her mother! Emma says “My Mom is the best. She hurt her back when she took me on a walk at the beach a few weeks ago and had to get an xray and mri so the dr could see her bones. He is going to fix her but a chair that rubs Mommy’s back would help my Mommy feel better every day and on Mama’s Day too. Please give my great Mommy a present to make her feel better every day for the rest of her life. Thank you.”
    My wife recently injured her back. She also has struggled with arthritis due to a chronic disease she has had for many years and this back pain has made it more exacerbated and difficult every day to do typical things. This chair would bring her relief and truly bring her happiness and a smile on her face every day. Despite any kind of pain she has, she is always there to put her family first and make sure everyone else is happy. She is always there to take on more work to earn extra money to make sure she can get that special gift for others, and this time, we would love to put her first by honoring her with this awesome massaging chair, and make her know how much we love her and think of her by giving her this for Mothers Day.
    Thank you for considering our entry!

  27. I love being a mom and could use a massage every day with the human touch massage chair. My oldest Son graduates this year and just when I thought my mothering days were almost over I received a call from my stepson’s Mother asking me if I would let him move in with us because she just couldn’t handle this rambunctious eight year old. Of course my answer was yes! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and some days trying to work full time then run the kids to school functions I’m exhausted, stressed and just plain in pain. The iJoy massage chair would be the perfect gift for me on mothers day~!

  28. At first, I was going to enter this contest for myself. I am a new mom to a beautiful four month old girl and I now know the term “back pain.” After being on bedrest for eight weeks and back labor for three weeks – I totally thought I deserved the iJoy massage chair. Then, I thought about my own mom. My mom was a single mother to two girls, worked two jobs to take care of her family, and still provides for her family daily (even though we are grown with our own families). She literally “bends over backwards” to make sure her two girls have everything they need and has always done so. If I could afford this chair myself, I would get it for her for Mother’s Day. Good luck to all mother’s who are entering into the contest, I know we all deserve a great massage every now and then!

  29. I am a Mother of four very special children ranging from age five to thirteen. Plus my husband which sometimes feels like my fifth child! Just that alone – can you imagine the stress relief I need! whoa! LOL!! Mother’s day is often forgot about here, no massage from my husband, not even on Mother’s Day which is put aside to celebrate His birthday! Human touch massage chair – wow I can’t even begin to imagine! Is it possible that I could be the proud owner of a iJoy Massage Chair? Something that would be my very own……hmmm I don’t think I have every had something of my very own, just five minutes a day in this chair would give me peace of mind! Please give me an iJoy Massage Chair!!

  30. Clean the house, mow the lawn, cook breakfast, mail off packages at the local post office, grocery shopping, and a quick run to the bank to make a deposit…all before 8am! This describes my wonderful mother, who always is on the go! My mom raised 3 children (myself and 2 brothers) while caring for a terminally ill husband, working full time as a teacher during the day and working a part time job at a department store and attending night classes at the university in order to earn her master’s degree in education. She currently serves as the assistant principal at an at-risk high school where a large percentage of the student body is on the verge of dropping out. My mom is a counselor, parent, teacher, babysitter, ATM, grocery store, taxi driver, and more to these kids. She goes out on a limb to try to save all of them. My mom is the epitome of the “American” woman-classy, hardworking, educated, and giving to others in need. My mom suffers with hypothyroidism and a condition called a frozen shoulder where her rotator cup is in constant pain from not functioning properly. She really needs the surgery for her arm but she does not want to miss work because she knows that her students depend on her. She is their lifeline at times so it is very important that she is available at all times. My mom deserves to have this mother’s day be a special one and this can be done if she can have the human touch massage chair and iJoy massage chair to enjoy a massage after a long day at work. This gift will truly provide a source for stress relief and much needed relaxation.

  31. I would like to submit this entry to win a human touch massage chair for my beautiful mother. I’m 32 yrs old, a mother of a handsome 3 year old son; I really feel that I wouldn’t be the mother I am if it weren’t for her wonderful influences. She works 2 jobs; one is full-time for a local Police Dept and the other as part-time security personnel for a performing arts center. I know she would truly enjoy a wonderful gift like the iJoy massage chair on Mother’s Day. It would be a huge stress relief, after long days of working two jobs and coming home to care for her household, to get a relaxing massage.

  32. My mom is the greatest she has had a tugh year so far. She lost her own mother on April 25th of this year. She has planned a clebration on her mother life on mothers day. She said it will not be like a memorial service but a time to celebrate her mother one last time o mothers day. I do not know how my mom stays so strong. She is a full time college student and is doing her finals this week. On top of all of this she has raised my 18 yar old sister who is autistic and my twin ister who is bi-polar. I only hope when I start my family I canbe as postive and strong as y mother.

  33. I hope my mom wins. Her back and legs hurt after she comes home from work. She then has to do the laundry and cook dinner for us. Maybe I should help her! Well, maybe not, she likes to work hard…

  34. ** Sorry, I submitted too soon. Please delete previous entry!**

    My mom deserves this iJoy massage chair for mother’s day because she never takes time for herself! I have never seen her, in my entire life, sit for more than a half hour and I don’t think she has ever gotten a professional massage. I’m sure she would find time to get some stress relief (the stress probably caused by her three teenage boys!) in this massage chair from human touch! (and I would definitely be over for some visits!)


  35. Every Day should be Mother’s Day when it comes to my busy Mom. The human touch massage chair would give my mother the stress relief she needs after dealing with the aggravation from 4 kids and 11 screaming grandchildren. I know she does nothing all day long but sit around typing scripts on the computer and watching t.v. Atleast that’s what she’s doing when I come by to have lunch that’s already on the table, in a kitchen with clean dishes and a washed floor. I thanked her for my clean laundry as I walk on vacuumed rugs and love that I can smell dinner cooking in the oven already. She would use a iJoy massage chair to spend her lazy days getting a nice Massage after she’s done doing nothing all day.

  36. Once upon a time in a land not so faraway lived a beautiful mother! Her three children knew mother’s day was approaching and their mother was deserving of an amazing gift. They realized the extra effort she always put forth and her unconditional love was always evident. They pondered what might bring their mother stress relief and what might show her how much they loved her. One of the children thought a massage would be a great gift, one thought a big comfy human touch massage chair would be the perfect gift and the third child suggested the iJoy massage chair. They all knew immediately that the iJoy massage chair was the gift their mother deserved! A gift that would continually be there to give her stress relief and would always let her know the love they had for her! And so they all lived happily every with their mother knowing how much she was appreciated!

  37. I would like to win the chair, not for myself but for a friend who has many physical problems. No coomplaining but I know much pain. Thank you!

  38. Now that I have read the directions I realize I was so excited that I might be helping my friend, with an iJoy Massage chair and that the pain would be lessened by a Massage.On Mothers Day I would be able to give a massage chair to help ease my friends stress and give him relief…What a gift!

  39. I’m a mom of three teens and work full time in a office with crappy chairs. I come home every day in pain because of chronic back problems!
    I know this massage chair would be a great asset to me.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win :)

  40. At age 28, the last thing you expect to hear is, “You have breast cancer.” But eight years ago, that’s what my wife, Cam, experienced. After her mastectomy we decided to have children. But then Cam was declared infertile. Through prayer and persistence, though, the impossible happened: In 2003, our first son, Grayson, was born. Then in 2007, along came Desmond! Despite the lack of a functioning left breast, Cam breastfed both of our boys on her right breast through their infancy. Then this past year brought a suspicious mammogram. “I’ll never see my boys grow up,” Cam lamented. Bypassing the string of tests and surgeries, she went straight to a mastectomy. As she recovers from this surgery and one to come, Cam would benefit immensely from a Massage Chair from Human Touch. What an amazing way to ease the aches, pains and strains of her recovering body!

  41. I am a wife and mother of two college students. I work fulltime and attend an online university in pursuit of my undergraduate degree. Winning a Human Touch massage chair would provide me the stress relieving massage needed after a five hour round trip commute to and from work each day. I purchased an iJoy massage chair for my husband for Christmas and he hasn’t complained about back pain since. To win my very own iJoy massage chair for Mother’s Day would put me on the road to recovery from back pain as well.
    Thank you

  42. I mother of four children. Two years ago I had to have an emergency hysterectomy due to cancerous cells in my uterus. Well this procedure was done at a military hopsital, things went wrong,they fractured my right hip which also cut off my main artery that supplies blood flow to hip. The pain was excruciating, will need a hip replacement but have put it off due to a 6 month recovery. I am unable to stand or walk for long periods due to the pain. I miss playing with my children I push myself sometimes and I pay for it with not being able to walk or sit with comfort for days. This sure would help with my pain and thank-you for the giveaway!

  43. We are no longer accepting entries for the contest! Thank you for participating and we are currently reviewing the submissions. The winner will be announced after 3:30 p.m. PDT today…good luck. ~Human Touch team

  44. Still reviewing our Mother’s Day contest submissions, taking longer than expected…stay tuned!! :)

  45. Wow, what a contest!!! We want to thank everyone for taking the time to craft such heartfelt, inspiring and creative entries. This was NOT an easy contest to judge. After a careful internal review process and sticking to the requirements listed in the contest posting, we have selected our WINNER of the Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair.

    Drum roll………..Tara Hernandez…read her entry below:

    I am a Mother of four very special children ranging from age five to thirteen. Plus my husband which sometimes feels like my fifth child! Just that alone – can you imagine the stress relief I need! whoa! LOL!! Mother’s day is often forgot about here, no massage from my husband, not even on Mother’s Day which is put aside to celebrate His birthday! Human touch massage chair – wow I can’t even begin to imagine! Is it possible that I could be the proud owner of a iJoy Massage Chair? Something that would be my very own……hmmm I don’t think I have every had something of my very own, just five minutes a day in this chair would give me peace of mind! Please give me an iJoy Massage Chair!!

    Runners up:

    Please check back and join us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( for upcoming promotions and other product contest giveaways. FYI – Father’s Day is coming up…hint hint… :)

    Thanks for playing and have a special MOTHER’S DAY! From reading the entries, it is much deserved!
    ~Your Human Touch Team