Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

corkyCorky Carroll has been surfing for 55 years. At age 62, he continues to surf everyday, 2 to 3 sessions a day. As a result, he suffers from chronic back pain that only the best massage can treat. Corky recently stumbled upon a Human Touch massage chair and was instantly hooked on its healing power. Follow the link to read more about what this seasoned surfer thinks about Human Touch!



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  1. I read Corky’s article and wanted to add some comments about the Human Touch massage chairs. My name is Don and even though I have never surfed as a pro surfer I have been surfing since I was 9 years old (48 years). On Memorial Day of 2007 I was rushed to the ER in Phoenix, AZ after having passed out on my ski boat at Lake Pleasent. As a result, I had open heart surgery to correct a bad aortic valve in my heart. My back was so tight and would ache so bad that I even tried laying down on my chest to get a professional massage. The pain and pressure on my chest was intolerable so I began to search out the massage chairs online. I found a dealer for Human Touch through the Sharper Image at Arrowhead Mall. When I sat in the model 5320 and started the massage program it felt so good that it brought tears of joy to my eyes and the salesman asked me if the massage was hurting me and I replied, “No sir, it hurts so good” I must have one. As luck would have it, I was able to borrow a massage chair from a friend while I was going through my rehab. Six months post op, I did a mini triathalon through my church and was able to complete the course. I attribute part of my quick recovery to the use of the magical touch of the robotic chair massage by Human Touch and the healing touch from God. Nothing takes the place of the real human touch in a massage but this as as close as you will get to the real thing from a chair. I liked the chair so much I now work for the company part-time because I have a personal testimony to share with people about the benefits of the massage chair. Thanks for taking time to read this and good health to you all.

    Don Peterson, Glendale, AZ

    PS. I am still surfing, snow skiing, scuba diving, biking and swimming.

  2. Thank you, Don for sharing your inspirational story with us! We are so happy to hear how Human Touch massage chairs have been able to help you in your recovery and to returning to an active life. Please stay in touch and continue enjoying our products…