The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

By Dr. James Rouse, ND

Dr. James Rouse, NDI grew up in a family were speaking your truth was not always easy or safe. Many of my patients have shared with me how they “learned” to stuff their emotions early on in their lives and many of these same people shared a similar and unfortunate history of immune dysfunction and chronic illness. It turns out that choosing to take the time to release emotions is good medicine for both mind, Body and Spirit. And if you are looking for a safe place to do your “release work” look no further than your pen and paper.

It turns out that taking as little as 30 minutes a day to write about emotional topics for four consecutive days helped to raise the immune-boosting lymphocyte count in chronically ill patients and this powerful study published in the peer reviewed journal Psychosomatic Medicine. This study may help to illustrate how holding toxic emotions inside our selves can breed disease. Another study from Santa Clara University also encourages the practice of opening up and creating safe places to share, to create friendships and relationships that can help keep our communication lines open and healthy. Researchers have found that when study participants chose to keep secrets or unhealthily hold onto embarrassing or painful personal experiences, rather than create safe places to share, they experienced more colds, higher levels of fatigue, and more frequency of aches and pains.

We have a wonderful opportunity to heal our lives. Through prayer,dreamstime_6287846 meditation, massage therapy, by writing in our journals, and by creating healthy and honest relationships personally and professionally, we can heal and release harmful memories, feelings, sadness, and disappointment, as well as foster wholeness and freedom in our lives. Take the time to notice where you may be holding onto toxic feelings, look how you may have created draining coping mechanisms that keep you from being light and free to live the way your desire. Also take the time to relax, such as by retreating to a Human Touch massage chair or Perfect Chair®, which can really help you channel your emotions in a positive way.

You are here to shine your essential perfection in and as you. Today you can choose to realize and express your brilliance by making the commitment to honest reflection and by embracing all of your wonderfulness. Celebrate the opportunity to open, to share and release, and live your life well.