Friday, June 04th, 2010

There’s nFathers-Day_June0410 copyo superhero in the world with more fans than dad! He provides for and protects his family at all costs and under no circumstances will he back down from the everyday challenges of fatherhood!

The responsibilities that rest on dad’s shoulders are heavy and that’s why this Father’s Day (Sun. June 20th) Human Touch® wants to help relieve some of that pressure for one superhero dad! We will be giving away a luxurious ThermoStretch™ HT-275 massage chair (valued at MSRP $2,799) to the most deserving father who, with the support of his family, proves his “super-powers” to be superior to all the rest!

To enter to win, submit an entry, in the comments box below, telling us why your superhero dad or husband/partner (who is a dad, of course) deserves a Human Touch® massage chair this Father’s Day. Entries must be 150 words or less. Dads can also submit their own entry.

  • Please be as clever and convincing as possible, and be sure to include the following keywords in your entry: massage, superhero dad, Father’s Day, human touch massage chair, super-powers, stress relief, and HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair.
  • Participants are encouraged to become a fan of the Human Touch Wellness Center on Facebook or become one.
  • Entries that include links to creative videos and photos are welcomed and appreciated.
  • We will be accepting entries starting now through Thurs. June 17.
  • The winner will be announced on Fri. June 18.

At Human Touch, the good guys always win! So this Father’s Day, give dad what he really wants – his very own HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair from Human Touch®!

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  1. Our super hero dad could use a HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair. His super powers help him while he is working as an Electrician. This human touch massage chair would have been so nice yesterday because his super powers must have needed a recharge. While working in this old ladies attic, he fell through into her kitchen! First time that has ever happened! He came home hurt and in much need of some stress relief. A massage would have helped his bad day!

  2. My dad IS a Super Dad and deserves this awesome chair. He injured his back in the 80tys when he was driving taxi and the vehicle broke down in a snow storm no one for miles to stay warm he laid on the motor and injured his back he still worked his whole life and always put us children first. He raised us alone. My dad thinks of everyone before himself. # weeks ago he ended up in ICu his kidneys shut down. I am so glad he woke up from a medically induced coma and His back is killing him he is in therapy for walking and will return home right after Fathers Day.T His will be a very special Fathers Day/ He always took care of us and I would like to show him appreciation for all his years of unconditional love and hard work and giving him this well deserved chair.

  3. I would love to win this ThermoStretch™ HT-275 massage chair for My super hero dad ! because after 20 years of being in the Millitary ,endless Deployments ,an injured Back he needs to kick back and get some much needed and deserved TLC !

  4. My husband deserves this chair because he works hard to provide for the family & his jobs required to travel weeks five/six times a year.

    Whenever he’s home, he resumed the lawn mowing/pool cleaning work outside home. The sofa are constantly occupied by the children, not really a comfort spot left for him.

    With this chair, least he could have a moment in his own home.

  5. My husband is most definitely a superhero dad! We have 6 children and a home business. He works hard all day at his day job and then comes home to help me with the kids and help me with our business. For Father’s Day, I would love to give him a human touch massage chair. We tried one at Costco at loved it. Talk about super-powers!? Oh my! I know it would help his stress relief, and I can’t wait to try out the HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair myself. We’re both ready for a daily massage.

  6. My child’s dad/my husband is a SUPER HERO because he loves us and always does what he can to make us happy and safe. You couldn’t ask for an ounce more from a father. It’s a simple reason to be a called a SUPER HERO but it’ is more than we could ever want!

  7. My husband is the most devoted daddy out there. I can’t imagine any man who deserves a human touch massage chair more than him for Father’s Day. Who else would sleep for 6 months straight in the ICU with their child while still working full time and making sure to set aside time for his little guy at home? (talk about stress!) For the 3 1/2 years of our son’s life he was the most devoted dad- and continues to be a real superhero dad to our 4 healthy children. I wish I had the super-powers to massage away all his stress, but I don’t. Luckily I hear the HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair is great for stress relief.

  8. i also would like to send some pictures of my Superhero Dad :)
    Is this a 1x entry ? Because i seen the same Person posting 2 different entries ?

  9. My hubby would love this. He is always having me massage him.

  10. Jim is an amazing super hero Dad ! Jim using his superpowers,works in his organic garden all day weeding and caring for the fruits and veggies and when they are ready he gives all of it away ! The community,family and friends eat well and its all delicious! Jim has been caring for people for years! .He has a huge super hero heart and deserves to relax in this fantastic human touch massage chair! Jim can recharge his super powers in this HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair, getting a human touch massage chair to enjoy ,the stress relief he deserves .Give this amazing super hero a superior chair!

  11. I think my husband should win the ThermoStretch massage chair. He is amazing always makes time for our boys, works full time, volunteers as a baseball coach for a special needs baseball league and never complains even with his bad back. He is Coach Kevin and the kids love him. Also volunteers as a board member for our local little league. Never misses any of our kids events, track, football, baseball you name it he can always fit it in. This would be an amazing gift.

  12. My superhero dad deserves a HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair for Father’s Day because he’s such a hard worker with his superpowers to secure providing the best for our family! We recently had a scare when my dad experienced back pain and was rushed to the hospital into the ER and discovered he had kidney stones. He’s doing fine now, but we encourage him to seek stress relief and I believe that getting a massage from a human touch massage chair will work! :)

  13. By day this superhero dad is a commercial real estate broker, pounding the pavement street by street, town by town. By night he works with me to fill, pack and ship orders containing educational products we created to help children with special needs. In between work, he uses his super-powers to play with our sons, chaperone their field trips, help them with homework, mow the lawn, and bathe the dog. For Father’s Day my husband could have his very own superhero headquarters; a human touch massage chair. It’s the BEST way for him to get some stress relief and recharge. His aching legs and feet would feel great after getting the foot and calf massage that the HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair provides. He would absolutely love the heated, state of the art back massage and with the human touch massage chair he will get the superhero massage he deserves!

  14. There are 4 little people here hoping to get their superhero dad a really nice HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair massage for father’s day. Our Daddy works hard all day making money to take care of us and then comes home and always has time to play with us. Sometimes he says his back hurts from all the rides he gives us and then we give him a massage by jumping on his back. Our mommy says he needs some stress relief to make it feel better. We wish we had super-powers like our daddy to make all boo-boos go away but maybe if we win this human touch massage chair it would help.

  15. This weekend I treated my husband to the first massage he’s ever had. The kids and I thought it would be great to do something special for Father’s Day. We were right!

    My husband is a great man and works hard to provide for our family. If anyone deserves some stress relief, it’s him. Being a SAHM to our 2 children, I am never able to give him all the things I wish I could.

    I would love to give my husband the ultimate gift this year, a Human Touch Massage Chair. The HT-275 ThermoStretch Massage Chair looks like the perfect choice for a well deserving man. I love the amazing features that provide the feel of a trained massage therapist:)

    If you are looking for an amazing husband and father then look no further. While he doesn’t possess any super-powers, he will always be my babies SUPERHERO DAD!

  16. This father’s day, our superhero dad could really use a HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair. Between working full time, going to school fulltime and being an amazing father to 2 little ones he definitely deserves to be able to come home and get some stress relief with this amazing human touch massage chair. Every hero needs a chance to recharge their superpowers!

  17. What superhero dad involves fighting criminals all day? My step-dad. He didn’t need super-powers to keep criminals at bay, he worked day in and out as a correctional officer in NYC to keep those who broke the law behind bars. Now that he’s finally semi-retired, I hope you can help me acknowledge him with a human touch massage chair. The only relief he’s able to get now is in the form of tobacco, but I think a quality massage, in the form of a HT-275 ThermoStretch massage chair would be the perfect stress reliever to break the habit. He has a bad back, and yet he still insists on fixing anything he can get his hands on, car, lawn mower, garage door, you name it. As a bus driver to children now, I think all heroes need their place of relaxation. Human Touch can make that happen.

  18. The biggest superhero Dad I know, is my husband, Dennis. Like all superhero’s he is “out fighting for truth, justice and the American way!” While he is not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, (it can take him several bounds, even on a good day), he does get a little sore from the bounding. So what better way to relax his aches and pains, relieve his stress and show him how special he is, then to give him the HT27M Thermo stretch Massage Chair for Father’s Day. So Ok your super hero not a dad ? Not a problem. All hero’s want and need the human touch the message chair affords. How about a birthday gift. Don’t know his birthday? Then do what we do, celebrate that great day his space ship was found but his human parents. Trust me, what ever the Day he will love his HT27M Thermostretch Massage Chair.

  19. My superhero husband deserves the HT-275 ThermoStretch massage chair for Father’s Day because he is a superhero dad to our three children. Being a father of three requires many different super-powers and at the end of a long day sometimes a good massage is needed to relieve the stress. Unfortunately I do not have the strength needed to relieve the sore muscles that come with being a superhero. If my superhero husband wins the human touch massage chair for Father’s Day he will have to work on his sharing super-power because there will be a line waiting to use it.
    You know superhero dads produce superhero kids, and they all need a massage to relieve stress too!

  20. My husband deserves the Human Touch® massage chair because he is our son’s idea of a superhero – Daddy can do anything. If you ask our son if his daddy can move things with his mind, he’ll say “of course”. If you ask if his daddy can lift a million ton boulder, he’ll say “duh!” If you ask if his daddy can fly, he’ll say “can’t you?” If you ask what cripples his daddy though, he’ll say “onions because they’re icky.”

  21. My superhero dad makes the impossible possible. He provided us with spiritual, motivational, financial support while my wife and I went through our education and career changes, and helps with the advancement of our children too. Always beaming with a positive attitude, he wipes our tears and fears away and infuses us with renewed hope and drive. Tremendous super-powers expended during the day result in him requiring a massage to renew his strength for the next day. I had purchased an iJoy massage chair for his 60th birthday in 2006 which he loves and it sure would be great to gift him with the latest human touch massage chair – the HT-275 ThermoStretch massage chair, guaranteed to provide enhanced stress relief, for this Father’s Day. The Foot and Calf massager would provide him an invigorating massage in the lower body area resulting in a faster Super Dad the next day.

  22. My father’s name is James Talbert Turner aka superhero dad. His super-powers include, but are not limited to, his ability to place everyone else’s happiness before his own, a deep love for making his daughter’s dreams come true and his super human speed laundering (especially appreciated by his college student daughters).
    His recent super human feat includes making my truest dreams to study abroad in Ireland come true. He takes off the cape and works his strenuous job extra hours any and every chance he gets. Working in construction, even this superhero could use a massage every now and then.
    For this Father’s Day I would love for him to have his very own fortress of solitude: the HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair. This stress relieving chair will allow him to, finally, focus on himself for a moment. I love this superhero and wish for his happiness. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

  23. My dad has always been a superhero dad. When we were kids he used his super-powers to make my brother and I feel happy by doing such things as telling stories to us at sleep time or pushing us at the swings so that we can feel like flying. Today when we have become adults, he still demonstrates his super-powers by helping his son by doing improvement projects at his house and supporting this grown daughter of his by still working at a full time job when he can retire. His love, emotional and even financial support is really appreciated in our household. Therefore he most certainly deserves a Human Touch massage chair to massage his muscles after a hard day’s work and to help with stress relief. What could be better gift than a HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair for our superhero dad on this Father’s day?

  24. I wasn’t sure how to add this to my previous post above, but wanted to share this Whrrl Photo Story Poem with you for the giveaway.

  25. I have a SuperHero Dad. Don’t believe me? He worked as a coolie throughout law school and graduated at the top of his class. He was then a prisoner of war for over two years and nearly died. After the war, he sold watches in a dusty market. When we first arrived in the U.S., he worked multiple jobs as a medical interpreter and janitor to support our family so that we could get off public assistance as soon as possible. He then became a pastor and helped many immigrants adjust to life in the U.S. In 2006, he suffered from a massive stroke that put him in a wheelchair…where he still exudes his many super powers. The HT-275 ThermoStretch™ Human Touch massage chair would make his Father’s Day all the more special by giving him the stress relief that he deserves after long days of fighting off bad guys!

  26. My husband and I are expecting our first baby! and he is working so hard at work and home I would love to treat him to a relaxing chair like this he sure could use it. He works so hard his bad is sore a lot from working to hard I believe this could relieve some pain.

  27. My dad would say he doesn’t deserve this chair. That’s what makes him a Superhero Dad!

    He hasn’t had an easy life, but he has pursued it with joy. He isn’t perfect, but he seeks every opportunity to learn and improve.

    His super powers include optimism, an amazingly sharp memory, and the ability to be a peace-maker in the community. However, my favorite of his super powers has to be the remarkable way that he always puts family first.

    The Human Touch HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair would provide my Superhero Dad with the stress relief he needs after an exhaustive day of using his supernatural abilities!

  28. Imagine Dad, each Sunday, kicking back with a relaxing massage while watching his team! WIN HIM a CHAIR TODAY!

  29. I know everyone is saying their husbands, fathers, etc. are awesome “superheros,” and I’m sure they are wonderful people.
    But here’s the thing…

    My dad IS A SUPERHERO. Like, a real one. I know I know, pretty cool huh?
    I constantly see him slaying dragons, chasing after the evil-doers of society and just generally kicking some ass.
    Being a superhero is not easy work. Sure, there’s the glamor and glitz, but my dad is constantly complaining of back pains, sores, bruises, etc. Superheroes need TLC you know! He could SO use this chair to de-stress after saving the world from [for the 3rd time]. On Father’s day, I really think it’s the least he deserves!
    Thank you! :)
    -Hannah R.

  30. Our superhero dad has always been one of the good guys and is most deserving of a HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair this Father’s Day. Having survived a severe stroke at 35, he has been partially paralyzed for 30 years. This hasn’t slowed him down any though as far as being a great father who deserves the gift of massage. The chair will definitely be a treat for his tired legs and feet after a long day of walking (he can’t drive). And no more stress from having to pay for pricey massages!

  31. This year is my da-da’s first Father’s Day! He is my superhero dad because he burps me, changes my diapers, and plays with me everyday. He also uses his super-powers to massage mommy every night even after he has had a very long day at work. Da-da needs back and stress relief too but on the rare occasion that mommy massages him, he tells me “mommy doesn’t do it right”. Please give him the gift of having the best full body massage every night! He tried the HT-275 ThermoStretch massage chair at our local mall one day and has been talking about it ever since and would be so happy to get one!!!

    Baby Marisa

  32. My husband is definitely a superhero DAD and should be awarded the HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair this Father’s Day. He is a wonderful step father to my 13 year old son, he participates in every aspect of his life, as to be expected. On top of that he is active in many of the neighborhood boys’ lives and takes them to the park for basketball and football practice. He volunteers a coach for my son’s football team and is a hands on dad with our 6 month old daughter. During the week he often travels for work leaving little down time for himself. The HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair would be great gift. Please consider my husband (the neighborhood dad) for this wonderful gift.

  33. Hi Cindy,

    That entry was reviewed by our team, though you may not have seen it posted until recently (we have to manually accept all posts). We thought it was really creative and it actually made one of our top 3 picks. But unfortunately, we selected another winner.

    Please keep your eyes out for our next giveaway in July. We hope you can participate again. We give away a great product once a month.

    Best regards,

    The Human Touch marketing team