Friday, June 18th, 2010

HT-275 ThermoStretch Massage ChairHuman Touch would like to congratulate Aura, for her winning entry in our Superhero Dad Father’s Day Contest!


My husband is the most devoted daddy out there. I can’t imagine any man who deserves a human touch massage chair more than him for Father’s Day. Who else would sleep for 6 months straight in the ICU with their child while still working full time and making sure to set aside time for his little guy at home? (talk about stress!) For the 3 1/2 years of our son’s life he was the most devoted dad- and continues to be a real superhero dad to our 4 healthy children. I wish I had the super-powers to massage away all his stress, but I don’t. Luckily I hear the HT-275 ThermoStretch™ massage chair is great for stress relief.

Thank you to everyone who participated and be sure to stay tuned for upcoming contests and giveaways. Finally, we would like to wish all of our Superhero Dads a very happy Father’s Day!


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  1. Aura’s reaction to the good news:

    Wow!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! My husband will be absolutely THRILLED!!! This is going to be one AMAZING fathers day!!