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Brave Soldiers Human Touch massage chair giveawayHuman Touch® wants to thank members of America’s armed forces everywhere for their dedication and service to our country by rewarding one well-deserving soldier with a Human Touch® AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity massage chair!

We know that a soldier’s work is extremely physically and psychologically demanding, and so all of us here at Human Touch® want to show our gratitude with the gift of relaxation and wellness in a luxurious Human Touch® massage chair.

Members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force are all invited to participate, as well as close family members and friends who want to share their brave soldier’s inspirational story on their behalf.

View the official contest video, here.

To enter to win, we are looking for inspirational and unique stories about life in the military from service men and women (or those close to them) who have selflessly dedicated themselves to protect the freedoms and rights of all Americans. In your entry, also be sure to explain how and why you think a Human Touch® massage chair will be able to help you (or your nominated soldier) cope with the stresses and demands of life in the military. Please limit your entries to 300 words or less. You may submit your entry directly to the Comment box below.

Other contest guidelines:

  • Tell us your name and rank as well as the branch of military in which you serve.
  • Please incorporate relevant keywords, such as: massage, stress relief, freedom, U.S.A., army, navy, etc. (tailored according to your involvement in the military), Human Touch massage chairs, and AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity massage chair.
  • Include links to videos or photos that can help tell your story (not mandatory but welcomed).
  • All contest participants must also be a fan of the Human Touch® Wellness Center on Facebook.

The deadline for entries has been extended until Sun. Aug. 15 and the winner will be announced on Mon. Aug. 16. Don’t miss your chance to enter!

Your courageous service to our country is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. My son, SFC Randy, US Army recently discovered your Human Touch Chair during his 2 wk R&R. Randy has deployed to Iraq 3 times, enlisted for 11 years now. Randy gives his all, even through stress, pain and injuries. Our family is working towards his dream to have one of these chairs for reduction of pain, relaxation and stress. We know that with this chair, he will be able to find a few hours per week with at least reduced pain so he can continue to train, serve, and help his Soldiers be the best they can be!!

    Randy’s wife, Sandy, would be relieved of wearing out her hands trying to rub out his neck/back as well!!

    We are proud of all our Soldiers, thank them for their dedication, commitment, loyalty and freedom daily. This chair would be a true blessing to a well-deserving Soldier!!

  2. Randy has served in the Army for 10 years has done 3 tours of duty.He has given his all for our Country He would do anything for his Country he has left his Wife and 2 Sons to fight for us and is a very special guy! He is Army
    Rank SFC Randy Deom He loved this chair and helped him with some neck problems while they stayed a place and he could not stop talking about this chair!! He deserves it!

  3. To whom it may concern,
    I am entering this contest for my husband, Captain Tin Le. He serves as a dentist for the U.S. Army. A normal work day would end for most dental officers at 1615. However, my husband would often call home at this time to tell me that he’ll be home late again.
    Why? Because a fellow soldier had just asked to leave work just a little early to make it to the dental clinic before they close. Other dentists had already gotten ready to leave the clinic while CPT Le had volunteered to take care of the patient’s dental needs. He does this so often that his mentor was also director of the residency program, hadawarded him “Best Dentist” among four resident colleagues.
    Because of the nature of a dentist’s work, they are often subject to sit, bent over for long periods of time. As a result, my husband often asks me to massage his back. I know that Human Touch massage chairs or AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity massage chairs would be great for his back (as well as my hands). It would be a great stress reliever for him and allow him to work the next day without feeling the back pain from the previous day.

  4. My husband, SFC Randolph Deom II, is the hardest working man I know. Ever since joining the Army in 1999, my husband has taken his job as more than a job. Being a Soldier is not just a 9 to 5 job for Randy. Randy has always made himself available and pushed himself far beyond what the normal person would do.
    Due to Randy pushing himself so hard and striving to be the exemplary role model for his fellow Soldiers, his body has suffered. Randy now suffers from severe migraines, and bad knee, shoulder, and neck pain due to stress. In between deployments (he is currently on his third), I try to get him into a masseuse to help ease the pain. However, the pain returns within a day or two and never completely goes away. Either way, he wakes up in pain every single morning.
    However, during my husband’s past R&R in May we stayed at the Sybaris in Downers Grove, Illinois. That evening my husband sat down in one of your Human Touch massage chairs and he felt release of tension in his muscles he has never felt before. The next morning my husband woke up PAIN FREE! It truly was amazing.
    My husband is the epitome of the American Soldier. He gives his all to fight for the freedom of our country and the freedom of the human race. He believes in helping his fellow man before helping himself. And if that comes at his expense then so be it. I believe that my husband, who stays later than any other Soldier in his motor pool because he feels no one else should have to, deserves to have the best to sit in and unwind when he comes home at night.
    From Sandy Deom

  5. I would love to win this chair for my husband. SSG Marc Davis is more than just a hero to me! He learned of his deployment while I was pregnant and had to leave for training right when I was due. Luckily, he was able to see our son a little before he left country. He missed so much of our sons first year, I know it still bothers him. Since he has returned, he works as much as he can to allow me to stay home with our son.
    We have had him get a massage once and I try to work the knots out, but we all know that I can’t do as good a job as this chair! Nor, can we afford to keep sending him to get massages!
    He deserves this chair and I would be so honored if he was selected to win!
    I know that he would be so happy!
    Thank you for the chance to submit him to win!

  6. My baby brother is a soldier in the US Army, SFC. He is currently serving hi third tour in Iraq. While home on R&R in May, he and his wife stayed at a Sybaris i Illinois, and he called home talking about a chair he had in the room. It was a Human Touch massage chair, and he told me how even the massages he receives from professional massuese don’t compare to how your chair made him feel. Randy has suffered from back pain for years, and is constantly under an extreme amount of stress which bring about migraines. The release of tension he felt after sitting in your chair is something he could barely put into words. With all that Randy does, for his family and his country, to help provide him with your chair would give him a way to relax and relieve the tightness he feels in his back and shoulders. No one deserves it more than him!

  7. I’d like to nominate my husband, SPC Strande, because he is such a deserving and honorable man. We are currently in the midst of a 12 month deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He has been gone for 9 months now, and will be soon be home for good. As an ARMY prison guard to some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists, his job is very stressful.

    Even though his job has long hours with 12-14 hour shifts, can be dangerous, and he is separated from his loving family and baby girl, he always gives his all, and is happy to sacrifice to guarantee our safety, and to support his family. He has missed the last trimester of my pregnancy, and the birth of our first child, Chloe Alexis. He has sacrificed so much for our family, and our country, and he is proud to be the strong man that he is, protecting our freedom and providing for us.

    When he comes home from work every day, he is dead tired, and his back and neck are aching. Before the deployment, I massaged his back and neck for him every night to help relieve some of the tension. I even have bad carpal tunnel issues and it sometimes hurts me to do this for him, but I know how much it helps him, and I am so proud of him. It is a small sacrifice compared to his. He is so sweet that he even rubs my hands and wrists in return for me.

    Every soldier deserves to be recognized for their service, and I know my husband would absolutely enjoy and utilize this wonderful gift. He would be honored to see how much we all appreciate his hard work and sacrifices, and he will LOVE the physical freedom granted by this massage chair!

  8. My name is Toni Saner and I am the proud mother of a son who is currently in the Army, stationed in Alaska; his name is Private. Alexander “AJ” Ayala. He recently returned back to the United States in late February 2010 from Afghanistan. During his tour of duty in Afghanistan, he and his unit were out on patrol, in support of security during the August 2009 National elections, where he and five other soldiers where impacted by a roadside bomb (EID) while in their vehicle. My son AJ was injured in the blast and his Staff Sergeant Bowen and another fellow comrade Mo Walker where subsequently killed in the blast. My son, along with thousands of other soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are confronted daily with the dangers of war. However, after the EID incident, AJ recovered from his wounds and was determined to stay in Afghanistan to serve with his fellow soldiers/friends and support our country’s military objectives.

    Since his return, AJ has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He has trouble sleeping at night, some hearing loss and nightmares all of the time. He has injured his knee and has trouble running or walking but he remains in the Army serving his country. I believe that having this chair would help relax him in the evenings so that he could possibly sleep through the night like he used to before the bombing. He is only 20 years old and already has seen and felt more than any young man should have to. I love my son and I am very proud of him and would do anything to help him through this stressful time. We would be honored if you would consider my son.

  9. I’d like to enter my husband, A1C Petty for this contest, he is currently serving in Afghanistan. I don’t really know what to say except that honestly, I have been saving up to buy my husband a recliner as a welcome home gift as he has always wanted one and my friend referred me to this giveaway (thank you!).

    My husband is a young father of three children under 7, a young soldier, but is amazingly dedicated to his country, his family, and his faith. When he is home, he juggles his military (full time) obligations, working sixteen hour shifts, his husband and fatherly duties and still makes the time to volunteer in our community and our church. He amazes me daily with his compassion for others and the desire to teach that to our children and those around us. He is also attending school to obtain his degree and strives to be accepted into Officer Training School. He is full of ambition and I admire him for who he is.

    He has been in the middle of very stressful situations/combat while deployed and I am doing everything possible to welcome him into a loving, comfortable, supportive home when he returns. I thought that by buying him a recliner, he would have a nice, comfortable place to sit and re-bond with his children, reading books, helping with school work, and watching their favorite shows. To be perfectly honest, I could never dream of purchasing him one as nice as the Human Touch® AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity massage chair on E3 pay so this contest is very appealing.

    Without giving away too much information, his team just worked 45 days with no full off day in order to serve and protect in this war torn country. His job involves long hot hours wearing over 60lbs of gear and is very dangerous. I am honored every day, to be the wife of this amazing man and would love to provide him with something so nice. I know that nothing material would ever be able to express my gratitude to him but I think this recliner would be a lovely treat. Thank you. (I am also a Facebook Fan, ID MyHoneys AHero)

  10. It is 2130 on the computer. I believe more like 0200. I am in a hotel returning from 12 beautiful-stressful-rejuveninating-invigorating-reflective-balancing-melodous-insiteful-hopeful-tearful-incombining-stressful-tenseful-challanging-painful-disturbing-enlightening-purposeful-upbuilding-
    from the Gesundheit Institute. (Patch Adams) in West Virginia. They deserve a Chair.
    THe class I attended was combining Music/Activision/Clowning. Being the only Veteran I got to be an important influence to see the other side of the coin. I served USA 1979-82. My highest award was: AF Commendation Medal (for new protable satellite communications in Saudi Arabia demonstrating to many countries and branches of service). The time recognized was during the Iran Hostage/ Iran-Iraq War. Pres. Carter/Reagan . One of the reasons I volunteered and the US insisted on a team with Blacks and Women, Many civillians and veterans don’t realize the Ambassador relations of all who gave some/ that as long as their is breath (This little light of mine) that is passed on to all in contact direct or not
    –I was balanced. then in the resturaunt . I could not finish my dinner. the news so disturbing. I lost the PEACE I thought I could bring home with me. So I walked to the mall with my walker . Of course with the Warning from the couple visiting their son in college . I told them and used expressions with FREEDOM I had practiced and refined with CONFIDENCE.

    This is MY (LAND)COUNTRY , this is YOUR (LAND) from California to the NEW YORK Islands. Of course I didn’t have enough of the GreenBacks that say IN GOD WE TRUST to be able to sit in the massage chair for even the $1 for 3 minutes. I sat down but the Chair was to Big. Much like in Kindergarten, I got to play Goldilocks, So I could eat breakfast.

    Thankyou for your tax dollars of ~$2670 VA+760 SSDI per month, I’m sure I’ve taken more $ than I have put in. I’m trying to avoid assistive living, as at 100% compensated unemployable, I don’t have enough money to even live in VA assistive living. Much less Civillian I understand from one of the WWII vets whom (I got to know from 5years volunteer time)used to live in VA assistive living -she left because after 9 years told if not enough money for the increase to $3400/month they would put her in a subsidized housing, and the ones who stayed had to sign away anything left of ownership attached to their names and given $54/month spending from their assets. . She fortunately had kept up family ties to go back to the hometown subsidized housing at $340/month with choice of timely civillian medical care and transportation.

    I am asking Chairs for any place that serves the veterans, even if need for $bills. Non money Bills or tokens can be given to deserving individuals. Veterans and those who assist with comfort care. My comfort comes from avoiding the VA. I have too much PTSD from the abuse issues not always intentional due to overworking the few who hang in to care for us. The civilian place I nominate is Privately Run- Free-Peace River- Jeannine Brown- Mental Health Comunity Drop In Center.(my 2nd home-which I was given a week cooling off warning for inappropiately loud and disturbing of the Peace of mind of others) A place that encourages everyone in healing. Mental/Physical and Spiritual (not allowed organized meeting of Faith-FEAR of loss of State and Federal TAX Dollars which the center puts to excellent use.

  11. SPC Strande is our Grandson. We, too, are extremely proud of him. We also can attest that he is very deserving of the TLC this massage chair could provide. It would be wonderful if he could be chosen.

  12. I cannot write from my husband’s point of view. I can only tell my side of the story – my life as an Army wife. For instance when the baby is crying at 3:00 am and you don’t want to wake your soldier because he is going to be at the range the following day. What about when Daddy is deployed so you try to teach your baby that her first words should be “daddy” and not “mama”? What about the feeling you get when you wrap your arms around your soldier for the first time in many months – praising God that he actually was one of the lucky that got to actually come home? Or the feeling you get when your child runs up to daddy in the airport after a deployment with arms wide open? Or the look on your soldier’s face when he sees his daughter running to him with those same wide arms? How about this? The sleepless nights (much like the one I am having tonight) in the weeks leading up to a deployment wondering “Will I ever see him again? How can I make this easier for my girls? How can I make this easier for him? Can I really be as strong as I need (not want, but need) to be?”

    This story may not be inspirational and it most certainly is not unique but it is definitely the life of a military spouse. Why do I do it? Duty? Honor? Country? No. That is why he does it. I do it because I respect him. I do it because I can’t imagine my life without him in it. I do it because I love him and I would go to the ends of the Earth for him. I do it because I respect him and his decision to protect the people of this great country.

    Would I like the Human Touch chair? Of course. Deployments are stressful. What am I saying? Military life is stressful – for both the soldier and the families but if I were to choose who gets the chair, I would say to send it to tge guys serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Help them relieve a little stress — make their day-to-day a little less stressful (even if for just a few minutes at a time).

    **I know that this submission is more than 300 words but sometimes it just takes a few more to make a point. 

  13. I hope you win Crystal!! Your husband is a very deserving man!! I cried just reading your story!

    I hope A1C Petty gets to come home from Afghanistan with the only way to relax!!

    Good Luck!

  14. I thought that I had posted this link with my entry above but realized I didn’t. This is a picture of my husband with our children :)

  15. Many people that know me have written this site and told their story of why I deserve this chair, I would like to thank all of them for that. I am simply going to comment on how wonderful these chairs are. As my wife said on here, we stayed at a Sybaris pool suite during my most recent R&R trip home. While we were there my back, neck, and shoulders hurt tremendously. I figured I would give the chair a try since we had the room for the day, boy was I glad I did that. My body was numb it felt so good, so win or not, thanks for making something that can make people feel like that. I am definitely thinking of getting one either way. Awesome product. I went back to Iraq feeling completely rejuvinated.

    SFC Deom

  16. I would love to see my Father in Law get this chair. He is a quiet man, but, he faithfully served the USA as a Marine from 1968-1998. Retired, he still suffers from the after-effects of malaria,often for weeks.

    He was a ‘gunny’ for most of those years-a stressful job, teaching the younger soldiers how to become men, and how to protect themselves and each other. He was enlisted- not drafted and never the easy road of going in as an officer- he was 22 and already a father of 2 children.

    Like most Vietnam vets, he is divorced (a few times over) he has us, but no one to massage his aches and pains away when he sits still in the night waiting for the morning to come again.

    I would love to see him in the Human Touch® AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity massage chair. I would love to see in his eyes a bit of relaxation, a relief of tension, a sense of peace if even for a little while.
    Thanks for giving him/us the chance.

  17. My grandfather never got to hold his Purple Heart, but as I sit here typing this entry I stare at it in a gold shadowbox frame on the wall. Several of my cousins now follow in his footsteps, one is thankfully home from Iraq, and the other is what is now termed ‘a career officer’, we see each other rarely because of it, but he is always in my thoughts and in my prayers. Bravery and courage and a desire to defend our freedoms sometimes come at very high costs. My cousin often sends back pictures and at times I notice that someone is missing, and I don’t even write back asking where that person is because I know what the answer will be. I appreciate the bravery of all of our armed forces and troops. I just wish that at some point we could possibly live in a world where their services and sacrifices were no longer necessary. I can’t imagine getting the serviceman I know to even sit still for a minute, but I have a strong feeling the Human Touch® AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity massage chair would be the most amazing incentive I could think of to get him off his feet! I’ll bet that would make me his favorite cousin ever! I will add you to my list of companies that care about the troops, I often feature companies that do things for our troops on my blog!

  18. I am nominating my husband, SSG Jeffrey Smith for the massage chair. He is currently serving in Afghanistan (third tour). As a member of the Special Operations community he has deployed quite often to places all over the world and is always under stress. When he comes home he tries to focus 100% on his family. We have three children, all are special needs. Our oldest son is autistic and our daughter suffers from a rare metabolic disorder. Our middle son has autism, parkinson’s, epilepsy and mitochondiral disease (metabolic). My husband gives 100% both for his unit and his family. He never slows down. After 17 years in the Army his body has taken a beating. I think this chair would enable him to relax and take some of the pain away. He is my best friend and my hero!

  19. I would like to enter my husband into the contest, because he is an Amazingly strong and wonderfully loving man. He is currently a SSGT in the USMC. He has has had so much stress on him the last few years. He deployed to Iraq which was his third tour over there in 4 years, he left while I was 12 weeks pregnant I say that because we had 3 miscarriages before this pregnancy and we thought we would lose this one too. He got home 4 days after our son was born. He was injured the first time in he was Iraq and had to have his eye socket rebuilt with medal plates and screws, and still deployed with out compaining. 5 months after he got home his mother died and we found out we were pregnant again. Three days after the funeral I lost the baby and hemerroghed (sp) and almost died. Two weeks later his grandmother found out she has cancer which can not be cured. In the past two years our daughter has been diagnosed with an illness that is causing her to lose her sight. In June we found out our two year old son has epilipsey. Through all of this my husband and stayed the most loving and devoted man that anyone can ask for. He is still completely devoted to us and to the Corps. He has had so much stress that having a human touch Acutouch chair would be a nice relaxing thing for him when he comes home from work. Thank you

  20. I think my husband is the most amazing military man, I’ve ever had the privilege to know and love. We’ve been married almost nine years all of which he has served in the US Navy active duty. We we married he was completing school. We were college sweethearts. He has been deployed for at least seven of the nine years we’ve been married. He spends months away from us at a time and most of which we have no word from him. If we are lucky we might get a letter home over a period of months. When he is home, he usually in a refit period that causes him to be completely exhausted and want to eat and sleep. He works so hard and I would love to do something nice for him to for him to have a Human Touch® AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity massage chair enjoy when he is home.
    We have two little boys at home ages 5 and 2, the second he met when he returned home from a deployment. He was able to meet his son for three months before going back out to serve his country. During this deployment we found out something was wrong. Our son is deaf and has malformed kidneys that force him to have to take prophylatics to prevent needing sections of his kidneys removed. I never felt worried or alone because I knew he stood behind what ever I would decide completely. Some how, I still have not figured out how, he has been able to devote himself to his family and his job. I worry about my husband’s health as he is constantly working hard on the submarine or is at home spending time with this family that he never gets to do something nice for himself. This would be the perfect thing for him to enjoy when he’s home from a deployment. He doesn’t have a chair of his own and this would be an amazing surprise for him when he gets home. Thank you!

  21. I am MSgt Calvin Marshall. I served 8 years in the Army and am currently in my 10th year in the Air Force. My wife heard of this but thought it would be better if I submitted this than her. I recently just heard of Human Touch massage chairs. They look like exactly what I will be needing in a few months. I am currently preparing for my fifth tour in the Middle East and it would be great to look forward to some stress relief sitting in a AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity massage chair upon my returning home. I had the privledge of turning 21 while on my first deployment defending the USA during Dessert Storm. I have completed deployments to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
    My wife, who deserves the chair just as much, would get some use out of it while she is stressed out during my deployment. A chair like this that could massage her when she is stressing would give me a great feeling knowing she has something to relax with until I returned home. It would be that little peace of mind that would make my tour a little easier. Sometimes while deployed it is a little difficult to keep your mind on your mission when things aren’t going perfectly at home. At least if this was there, she could relax a little. In turn, I could relax a little also and keep my mind where it needs to be.
    I would love to see this at home when I return and relax in it. I would be thinking that when the next deployment calls I will be all relaxed, stress free, willing and able to defend our Great U.S.A. onne more time!

  22. My wife, Sgt. Tracy Brewer, joined the National Guard in 2008 (at 40) and is active duty. She was recently put in charge of the fitness center at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. She is a certified pilates instructor and volunteers her time at the nearby Patriot Academy. She works with many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and helps them gain movement and strength from service-related injuries. She is also overseeing the expansion of the fitness center so they can better serve both the permanent personnel and groups who train at the center (including Army, Navy SEALS, Marines, State Police, Homeland Security, FEMA, and search and rescue organizations).

    The AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity massage chair would be a great addition to the fitness center and allow my wife to add another level of therapy for those who need it. Thank you to Human Touch for helping those who have served us well.

  23. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for writing but unfortunately this contest has come to a close. We do appreciate you sharing your wife’s inspirational story with us. I have a great deal of respect for members of the military.

    Best regards,
    Human Touch marketing team

  24. The War in Afghanistan is an ongoing coalition conflict which began on October 7, 2001, as the US military’s Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) that was launched