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Thursday, July 08th, 2010

Jeff Galloway (2)By Olympian Jeff Galloway

The cooler Fall temperatures reward us for training during the Summer heat. It’s a fact that at the same effort level, you can run about a 45-60 seconds per mile faster at 60F than you could at 75F. Here are my suggestions for goals that tend to motivate the runners in my Galloway programs.

1. An endurance goal. Longer long runs tend to bestow a the greatest sense of accomplishment of any training component.  Even if you want to run faster in a given race, a longer long run will help you to your goal. Be sure to run the long runs at least 2 min/mi slower than your current race pace (3 min/mi slower for 5K/10K race pace). Gradually increase the length of the long run, every other week.  For faster recovery, use the Human Touch massage chair.  That’s what I do.

2. Set up a training program. You’ll find a series of training progams for just about any race distance in my books: TESTING YOURSELF, 5K/10K, HALF MARATHON, GALLOWAY TRAINING PROGRAMS (marathon, half, 10 mile), MARATHON.

3. Schedule some “fun races”. Long runs should only be done every other weekend. This allows for excursions to interesting events. We have a recommended list on the website.

4. Look into training groups. The Galloway groups ( click on “training programs”) can give you guidance on pacing based upon your current fitness level, with a supportive pace group.

5. For a speed goal, look at my books for appropriate speed workouts. The speed of the repetitions should be about 30 sec/mi faster than goal pace. Walk between the repetitions. As you increase the number of repetitions (14 x 1 mile for top performance in the marathon) you have the best chance of acheivement. Again, a session in the Human Touch massage chair can speed recovery after a workout, and can warm the muscles up before a workout.