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Monday, August 16th, 2010

Congratulations to the Strande family for winning the Brave Soldier Contest and their very own HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair, valued at $3,999 MSRP! It is our pleasure to present the winning entry, submitted by Kristina Rackin-Strande on behalf of her husband, SPC Strande:

I’d like to nominate my husband, SPC Strande, because he is such a deserving and honorable man. We are currently in the midst of a 12 month deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He has been gone for 9 months now, and will be soon be home for good. As an ARMY prison guard to some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists, his job is very stressful.

Even though his job has long hours with 12-14 hour shifts, can be dangerous, and he is separated from his loving family and baby girl, he always gives his all, and is happy to sacrifice to guarantee our safety, and to support his family. He has missed the last trimester of my pregnancy, and the birth of our first child, Chloe Alexis. He has sacrificed so much for our family, and our country, and he is proud to be the strong man that he is, protecting our freedom and providing for us.

When he comes home from work every day, he is dead tired, and his back and neck are aching. Before the deployment, I massaged his back and neck for him every night to help relieve some of the tension. I even have bad carpal tunnel issues and it sometimes hurts me to do this for him, but I know how much it helps him, and I am so proud of him. It is a small sacrifice compared to his. He is so sweet that he even rubs my hands and wrists in return for me.

Every soldier deserves to be recognized for their service, and I know my husband would absolutely enjoy and utilize this wonderful gift. He would be honored to see how much we all appreciate his hard work and sacrifices, and he will LOVE the physical freedom granted by this massage chair!

Thank you all for your participation! We would also like to extend a very special thank you to all of the brave men and women who fight for our freedom everyday, all over the world!

Kristina’s reaction to the great news:

  • Oh my goodness!!!! Erik will be THRILLED!!!! He is coming home in less than 2 months and will be so surprised! Thank you so much for choosing us as the recipients! I want you to know how much this will mean to him and that we both are so thankful! Thank you for recognizing Erik’s sacrifices as a soldier for our country! :) I cannot express how happy he will be.