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Thursday, September 09th, 2010

Client in Massage ChairMy how time flies these days!  Is Fall really right around the corner already?

With kids going back to school, more rigorous work schedules and for those that are already concerned about Thanksgiving and Christmas, this can often be a time of great stress.

For those always concerned about what comes next, I ask you to consider the following: If you could train your mind to stay in present time, would your level of stress decrease?

If the answer to this question is yes, I suggest you try out this product from Young Living oils called Present Time™.

I love this oil blend for the simple fact that it really does work. A few drops on the sternums, followed by a quick tapping motion can really bring you back to the present.

Another key component to this process is regular massage.  Relaxation plays a big a role in staying focused on the present and nothing keeps you more relaxed than 15 minutes in a Human Touch® massage chair. When the stress creeps up on you, I highly recommend one of these state of the art products. While the chair works on relieving your body, take a few moments to become conscious of your breathing. This can really slow you down, allow you to relax and keep your mind focused on the present.

Enjoy your easy and relaxing transition into the autumn months!


Julie Chertow