Thursday, October 28th, 2010
Jamie Tam

Jamie Tam

There is nothing like indulging in a sweet and cozy, cuddling time with your baby. It is truly beneficial to nuzzle skin-on-skin with your newborn any chance you can get. This heart-to-heart human connection is a very nourishing and sacred experience for both mom and baby. Direct skin-on-skin contact, also called the Kangaroo Care Method, simulates the feeling of being inside the womb. It is a great way to regulate blood pressure, develop primitive bonding and also drop into a deep, sleepy nap.

With the luxury of having a Human Touch massage chair in my home, I find that my baby and I get to drink up that healing love hormone, oxytocin, while taking a snooze together in a calm reclined position. It has by far become my favorite part of the day when little Satori and I get to tune out the outside world and check in with our breath, comforting heart beat, scent and gentle voices.

For a newborn, the outside world is no longer overwhelming when he or she has the chance to connect, skin-on-skin, with either mom or dad. Mom’s body offers the same kind of warmth as an incubator, and also brings about the safe and loving sensations of home. Each moment of this special connection helps to create closeness and lifelong bonding.

The benefits for a mom are also rich and fulfilling. Moms who practice skin-to-skin cuddling  tend to breastfeed longer and are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression, hormonal imbalances and lack of sleep. Scientists believe that oxytocin, the bonding hormone, is responsible for this. In addition to these benefits, close physical contact with your baby allows moms to be more attuned to their infant’s signals – be it hunger, sleepiness or restlessness.

If you happen to be a new mom or dad, seize the silent opportunities to recline and recharge your energy together. Let the sound of your breath, intertwined as one, cast you into a tranquil rest. Embrace the heart-to-heart connection and drift into a slumber that relaxes your body and cultivates closeness for you and your new love!

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